Best of JKP!: Year One

February 17, 2011

As we have mentioned and posted in some recent episodes, JKP! superfan and all around swell dude Tyler Crowley has taken the time and effort to compile his personal favorite podcast bits from our first year, 2010, and edited them into four ten-minute installments. What a sweetheart, this guy.

Not only do these make convenient, bite-sized samples for new listeners (hint hint, wink wink nudge hint shove point); they’re also incredibly useful to us, as well. We tend to forget what we’ve said just as soon as the words leave our mouths. Hell, I edit the show every week and even I forgot that most of these jokes and conversations even happened.

Here, in grid form, are parts one through four. I recommend playing all four of them simultaneously for maximum efficiency. It’s like stumbling into the world’s worst cocktail party.

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