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JKP! Ep.56: Specifically Weird – Jump Kick Punch!

With Atlanta fully thawed and back to full strength, Brandon, Josh, and Tom gather ’round the laptop to remember the past and anticipate the future. Our trio starts getting a good idea of where this year is headed as they discuss the 3DS’s launch date and price, experience the demo for Bulletstorm and new trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, and wax nostalgic about a bygone era of geekdom. Plus, some Listener… Videos?

Show highlights:

0:01:00 – Nintendo 3DS! Launch date! Pricing! VIDEO GAAAMMMMEESSSS.

0:08:07 – The deliberate confusion over the 3DS’s launch titles results in cynicism for some, cautious optimism for others. Take a wild guess who’s who.

0:25:49 – Hey, as long as you’re here, make a mental note to watch the season premiere of Archer, Thursday (TONIGHT) at 10p E/P on FX. You want Tom to be happy and pay his rent, don’t you?

0:26:46 – This recording? Two days before Sony’s PSP2 event. How wrong are we ready to be? Very.

0:30:25 – The demo for Bulletstorm amazes and confuses, all at the same time! Butthole murders! Dick-tits! What do you think, guys?

0:42:56 – The newest dick-punching, piss-taking trailer for Duke Nukem Forever has Josh all hot and bothered, which may seem strange considering his reaction to the Bulletstorm demo. Josh, explain yourself.

1:00:00 – Intermission!

1:01:27 – Disney has brought their big, corporate axe down on Junction Point, the studio behind Epic Mickey, and cut a huge number of staff members loose. There goes that shot at a redeeming sequel, we guess.

1:11:49 – Wizard Magazine is officially dead. A geek nation mourns, mostly in the very online forums and message boards that lead to its unsurprising death.

1:18:55 – Spoiler Warning! One of the Fantastic Four is “dead” as of this week, which is mostly useful as serving a point about the death of Wizard Magazine.

1:21:33 – On a similar note, Patton Oswalt wrote a piece for Wired Magazine about the death of geek culture amidst the maelstrom of online resources and dangers of ETEWAF, “Everything That Ever Was–Available Forever”

1:28:24 – Josh makes an easy segue into they heyday of MST3K which leads, somehow, to a discussion about Sunchips.

1:39:24 – Tacos! Unsettling claims about Taco Bell’s “beef” has the internet collectively skipping lunch and has the suits up in arms.

1:42:57 – Brandon predicts the eventual “final form” that modern society’s geek chic will take to become the new Kings of Nerd Mountain (That Wondermark strip can be found here.)

1:47:00 – Tacos redux! (Spoiler: we will still eat your tacos, Taco Bell.)

1:50:00 – Spider-Man has him some silvery wingtips or something on the new movie suit design. Is this dumb, awesome, or inconsequential? A DEBATE ERUPTS.

1:58:47 – A leaked photo from a british toy convention gives the internet Sight Beyond Sight for a look at the new Thundercats character designs! (Eventually revealed in a much more official capacity!)

2:04:50 – Listener emails! A triple serving of video links and recommendations from Billy, Karl and Tyler– including Tyler’s “Best Of JKP” compilation, if such a thing is even possible. Amazing.

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.56: Specifically Weird

  1. Tyler Jan 27, 2011

    Glad you like the video guys! I wanted to get part 1 done before the new year started, but c’est la vie. It’s gotten at least two people I know personally to subscribe on ITunes so so far so good! Though not every episode is getting in to the videos, I’m doing it chronologically, so there’s plenty more to come.

    And don’t worry, Tom, it seems like you got a lot more comfortable with this “talking” thing about half way through the year, because there are more of your jokes specifically in part 2

    also Josh, I can proudly/gladly/sadly say that I have all the episodes of the show on ITunes, thus the video’s. Am I eligible to death by firing squad now?


  2. RE: Spider-Man’s belt
    “Never had a belt” How wrong you are Tom. Try damn near always had a belt.


  3. The answer to the Christopher Loyld movie was Camp Nowere


  4. Andrew Jan 31, 2011

    Dammit Marx Brandon was supposed to be insane…


  5. Billy Feb 1, 2011



  6. you know i cant help it Andrew my head just teems with movie knowledge!!!


  7. Andrew Feb 4, 2011

    yes… teeming like a sack filled with GARBAGE!! MWAHAHAHAHA


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