JKP Bulletin: New Site Design is Live

January 11, 2011

As you have probably noticed, JKP is celebrating the new year with a brand-new site design; one that should make commenting a much simpler and more rewarding experience. Images and videos are more than welcome in your replies and criticisms.

We’re still ironing out the kinks and trying to see what still needs work, so please report any irritations or errors that pop up as you comment and browse through the comments of this entry.

ALSO: As your local news has probably reported, a full weekend of unexpected winter weather has absolutely destroyed Atlanta and rendered anyone and everyone’s plans totally irrelevant. As a result, podcasting is going to be even more complicated than usual for the regular four. We’ll figure something out and get a recording done for this week somehow, but probably not soon. Expect a late upload for this week.

Thanks for your patience and keep us posted on your experience!

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One comment on “JKP Bulletin: New Site Design is Live

  1. Tyler Jan 11, 2011

    sweet new design!

    godspeed on dealing with the snow


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