Brandon & Josh’s New Pokémon Rundown, Pt. 2

January 20, 2011

Oh look, more Pokémon!

Hunker down for LAFFS as Brandon and Josh continue their overanalysis of Nintendo’s latest batch of adorable combat-and-merchandise-ready mascots.

Worth noting: Nintendo has just recently revealed the American names of a few more critters, including some that will be critiqued in Part Three. I have to say, so far some of the names seem completely bizarre. (Cofagrigus“? What is that I don’t even.)

Just a tad longer than Part One, but far more energetic, I feel. Expect a much shorter wait for Part Three. Enjoy!

(In case you missed it, part one can be found here.)


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3 comments on “Brandon & Josh’s New Pokémon Rundown, Pt. 2

  1. Tyler Jan 20, 2011

    this video is quacktastic.


  2. Andrew Jan 22, 2011

    Quite enjoyable! I cannot wait till part 3!


  3. nik maierle Feb 10, 2011

    part 3 please=)


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