Kiss 2010 goodbye with Jump Kick Punch as we celebrate one full year of recording with what may very well be the worst podcast yet! (Turns out that recording five people at once, on the fly, is somewhat complicated.) Brandon, Tom, Zack, Josh, and special guest Harrison cover the best and worst of 2010 in detail, as well as what they’re looking forward to in 2011. Also, the last listener emails of the year!

Show highlights:

0:00:00 – We start out with a prosthetic limb discussion, of all things.

0:04:37 – Nintendo’s recently-issued 3DS warning, aimed at children six and younger, is pretty hysterical.

0:15:38 – Super-early Intermission!

0:16:50 – We’re back! And in space! (Yeah, let’s go with that.)

0:17:47 – The gang takes turns discussing their favorite/least favorite geek items of 2010.

0:40:41 – Galactus and Taskmaster are going to be in MvC3!

0:42:53 – More Best/Worst of 2010 discussion!

0:53:46 – Listener emails! Tyler’s Question from last week (regarding obscure superheroes deserving of their own animated series)¬†returns for the benefit of a larger gathering.

0:56:57 – Nik the Unpronouncable asks us what our wildest New Years celebrations have been.

1:01:50 – Jon/Talby writes in to asks how we celebrated our 21st birthdays.

1:07:18 – Things… take a turn.

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.53: I Am Done

  1. Tyler Jan 1, 2011

    Congrats on making it a year guys! Looking forward to the next thrilling installment of “The Brandon Show: Starring Brandon” next week!

    again, kudos, really.


  2. Congrats on the first year.

    I used to live near a prosthetics shop, Stubbs Prosthetics( It was interesting cutting through the alley behind their building and finding old moulds and discarded plaster “hands” and “feet.” For several years I had a pair of left feet that I used as book ends and paper weights.

    Marvel loves the gay pirate White Skull Taskmaster for some retarded reason. I really hope the UDON design is an alt costume in this game. I’d consider picking the game up just on how they handle Taskmaster; I’ve made far worse financial decisions based on far less.


  3. Jimmy Jan 4, 2011

    Taskmaster is going to be the sub boss, and Galactus is the final boss. These facts were confired today by Capcom.


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