Special guest Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, fresh from his trip to the Child’s Play charity auction in Seattle, joins Brandon, Zack, and Josh to regale them with tales of Valve HQ tours, fancy dinners, and Gabe Newell’s knife-heavy office walls. The gang also chimes in on the cluster of cinematic trailers released alongside Spike’s VGA’s and responds to some listener emails!

Show highlights:

0:01:05 – Harrison kicks off the episode by getting straight to his adventures in the northwest.

0:34:44 – Exactly how much much did Harrison try to actively irritate Tom during their trip? FIND OUT IN THIS JKP EXCLUSIVE.

0:36:55 – The VGA Awards (Video Game Award… Awards) are LIVE during recording! My goodness, what do our podcastes think of the just-released trailers and announcements?

0:37:37 – Oh wait, nevermind, things are immediately derailed into a fairly elaborate DCU Online character creator discussion.

0:54:30 – Back on track! VGA’s! New trailers! Woo!

0:58:40 – Intermission! (featuring a fairly filthy mash-up, as well)

1:01:14 – Zack hijacks the podcast to share another one of his celebrated convention commission stories.

1:07:09 – Welcome back! Ha haaa. Back to the VGA game announcements, god damn it you guys.

1:15:52 – New Tomb Raider! New Lara Croft! What makes our gang of this news? Was that even proper grammar?

1:21:12 – A lightning round of minor game news from the past week!

1:29:44 – Listener emails! First up is Briggs, who demands more written reviews!

1:38:15 – Next up is Nik, who wants to know our favorite games that the rest of the world has seemingly never heard of.

1:54:02 – Nik writes in again to ask Harrison which props were his first, his worst, and his most successful.

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.51: Anything is Possible with Imagination

  1. Drake’s Deception: Game of the Year 2011.

    Also you guys are all jerks when I am/am not there. Awesome. I mad.


  2. nik maierle Dec 17, 2010

    Im listening through itunes, but regulary check for updates on the site=)

    nik the unpronouncable signing out=)


  3. I listen through itunes sometimes, but I prefer to check the site out directly.


  4. I just subscribed to Itunes, but i check the site too for extra stuff.


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