Brandon, Zack, and Josh are ready and waiting to address the hot topics of the week, from sequels with female-focused throwbacks to professional trolling of major activist organizations by seemingly insignificant development teams. Also, in-depth analysis of the new Young Justice series and an AMAZING Listener Email section where Zack learns of the foot-shattering adventures he never even knew he had! Tune in to find out who won the Story contest!

Show highlights:

0:01:40 – Zack’s back, and shares with us the TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY behind his broken foot.

0:11:16 – ARSENIC LIFEFORMS! BIology has been forever changed, and it’s time for our trio to attempt a halfway-serious science discussion! (Note: When Brandon says Tommy Davidson, he of course means to say Robert Townsend. Deepest apologies to Messers Townsend and Davidson, as well as their families.)

0:22:50 – Twisted Pixel wastes no time returning to their winning formula with the announcement of Ms. Splosion Man!

0:27:55 – Team Meat wins the Official Troll of the Century Award for their recent shenanigans that inadvertently gave birth to Super Tofu Boy.

0:35:40 – A new, top-down Ghostbusters game is officially on the horizon, and the gang has somewhat mixed feelings about this. On the other hand, Dan Akroyd has mixed feelings about our secret alien overlords, so it all evens out in the end.

0:45:52 – Telltale has released the first, full-length trailer for their highly anticipated Back to the Future point-and-click series, and Josh hates it! He is very good at hating. Join him, won’t you?

0:49:08 – A sudden segue into Uncharted Movie news! Guess what: it’s going to totally blow!

0:58:14 – Intermission!

0:59:30 – Josh tells the tale of his  unfortunate Speeding Ticket and how Green Lantern saved him from community service. THANK YOU, GREEN LANTERN.

1:05:33 – Josh and Zack give their detailed impressions of the hour-long Young Justice premiere! Unfortunately, the conversation is quickly derailed. You know how it goes.

1:07:08 – Okay, now a Young Justice discussion. Seriously. Including a total clusterfuck about secret identities and a collective groan over the CW’s next pick for a live-action superhero drama.

1:32:08 – Listener Emails! Zack is surprised by a trio of tales, written by JKP listeners, about how he broke his foot. Who will come out on top and win a $5 iphone/Steam game of their choice? TUNE IN FOR THE SHOCKING DISCOVERY.

1:55:35 – Zack, as if subconsciously wanting to give back to the community as thanks, shares a quick yet amazing story about domain name registration. Trust me, it is glorious.

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.50: More of a “Fwib” than a “Shing”

  1. Couldn’t get a good entry done in time. Next time.


  2. Andrew Dec 7, 2010

    Wooo for second place!! Crowley’s story was fantastic congrats sir!


    • Tyler Crowley Dec 7, 2010

      I’m going to say that I think Brandon’s editing and dramatic reading really helped the atmosphere of my story, I can’t take all the credit.

      In regards to Zack’s last story, as a younger man I once had to verify the codeword “Poopshit” over the phone with a bank teller, but I think “Pubert Bonerpie III” tops it.


  3. Shawn Dec 7, 2010

    Metal Gear Zack: Peace Crawler


  4. Bunny Sara Dec 8, 2010

    I caught an interview with Dan Aykroyd on one of those late shows with Jimmy Kimmel tonight, and thought of you guys. While he was supposed to promote that Yogi Bear movie, he managed to bring up ghosts, the family ghost talking medium, vodka, and aliens… he did not disappoint.


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