Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everyone! A special BLACK FRIDAY release means two podcasts in one week, provided that we all disregard the fact that there was no episode last week. Quit living in the past, man. Besides, Brandon, Zack and Tom are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for two full hours of discussions about Sonic Colors, an impossibly exciting Pac Man game, Strazynski cutting out early on his terrible DC projects, and a bevy of new movie trailers! Grab a turkey sandwich and take a listen as you troll Amazon.com in search of weekend savings! YEAHHHHH

Show highlights:

0:03:02 – Hey, Thanksgiving! Alriiiight! In celebration of Black Friday, our trio talks about what they’re planning on playing this holiday season and where/how they’re going to make those important purchases.

0:18:33 – News that is sure to shock the world: Brandon loves Sonic Colors.

0:32:12 – Pac Man Championship Edition DX has infected Brandon and Tom with some sort of indefinable fever, and also everyone talks about themed roller coasters for some reason I guess.

0:39:35 – JMS, the mastermind behind the recent reboots and re-imaginings of both Superman and Wonder Woman, has abandoned his terrible ideas to write a second Superman: Earth One book. Who will pick up the pieces in his absence?

0:56:12 – Zack helps the group catch up on Spider-Man’s current monthly comic situation.

1:03:26 – Intermission!

1:05:09 -Real quick, more Spidey. Just real quick.

1:06:35 – She-Hulk is in MvC3! And others. But mainly She-Hulk! Zack got his Thanksgiving wish!

1:09:26 – Tom is only so-so on Call of Duty: Black Ops & the ending of Fable III.

1:17:03 – Listener Emails! Matt’s up first, sharing a delightful wedding tale and asking us what we’re thankful for as avid video game enthusiasts.

1:23:40 – Zack shares an extra-delightful Thanksgiving tale.

1:31:37 – Matt’s second question is in regards to our personal ideas for ideal supervillain lairs, and Tom makes a couple of movie recommendations. (Hint: he loves him some boy wizards.)

1:41:36 – Third question from Matt, asking us to come up with or pinpoint some new, atypical “origin” ideas.

1:48:21 – Dave write in! Asking us! What our favorite Destructoid/Podtoid memories are! Dave! Prepare to be disappointed!

1:51:55 – Dave’s second inquiry, aimed at Zack: what are some good books to pick up and learn about Deadpool?

1:54:51 – Jared asks us for our thoughts on some of the major trailer releases of the last couple of weeks; Green Lantern, Thor, and Cowboys and Aliens.

2:03:14 – Brandon leads us out for this episode while the ever-present Heidi audibly eats some Sunchips in the background.

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