Oh, hey. What’s up? How’ve you been? Yeah? That’s good. What’s that, a podcast? OH, RIGHT, WE DO ONE OF THOSE. Is it already Thursday? Well my goodness, how time flies. Join Brandon, Josh, and Zack, as they dish on the latest status-quo defying shake-ups from DC’s two biggest properties and toss around some minor news tidbits. Also: listener email, voicemails, and high fives aplenty!*

* High fives not a guarantee.

Show highlights:

0:08:25 – Grant Morrison apparently has high hopes indeed for Batman Incorporated, but how is all of this not completely ridiculous?

0:26:55 – Zack has read Superman: Earth One, and he ain’t too keen on it for reasons that have nothing to do with hoodies or vampire romance novels.

0:59:17 – Intermission!

1:01:20 – Some minor items, such as the press reaction to Sonic Free Riders for Kinect, Zac Efron’s rumored casting as Kaneda, and Zack’s fondness for Megamind!

1:09:48 – Listener emails! First we tackle a new list of nerd-baiting “versus” scenarios from Ben.

1:19:59 – Crowley Cwestion Corner! This week, Tyler shares a precious Halloween memory, asks us who our personal picks for most overrated/underrated character are, and then treats us to a special audio surprise…

2:11:40 – A final, anonymous voicemailer asks Zack to share another fabled con story, this time regarding Catherine Bell and a dog.

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.46: Super Grandkids

  1. Tyler Crowley Nov 11, 2010

    I guess I mistakenly wrote that the “V” story was from my childhood? That was from my last year as a trick-or-treater, and since I’m a nerd that means I was 14 or 15, can’t remember which year. Hope that makes you guys feel better about yourselves(?)

    Breckin Meyer also voices all the Lindsey Lohan skits on Robot Chicken, and that’s my personal favorite voice of his for the show.

    Also, Zack, you came very close to telling the Catherine Bell story, but decided instead upon the Godzilla story, and the rest is history.

    PS Best. Kaneda. Ever.


  2. Andrew Nov 12, 2010

    I wonder if Tom is going to get a guest star for next week?


  3. Brown Bomber was almost DC’s first black character. He was a white guy who would say his magic word and transform into a powerful black man. The twist was that he was a racist, didn’t know his super power made him black, and he continually saved the lives of black people without realizing that they were black. For some reason DC never published those stories. McDuffie recently “revived” the character in his JLA run. In his story all the traditional elements of the character were kept, but, his transformation only lasted an hour. He called that time CPT.
    In the far future of the Legion of Superheroes all the black people live on a single island, and that island spends most of its time out of phase with the rest reality. Tyroc is an angry black man from that island. He wears elf shoes and his power is super powered angry screams.

    Angela Bower is the single mother from Who’s the Boss, and Nancy Botwin is the single mother from Weeds. Both are single mothers who have taken extreme measures to insure their family’s lifestyle by either hiring a dirty wop or selling drugs.

    Miracle Man was written by both Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, it is their only collaboration and thanks to copyright issues the final issues were never published.

    Agent X isn’t dead. He showed up once in Deadpool/Cable, and supposedly became a fat bastard. Its a fucking crime how Marvel has treated the Agent X Alumni.


    • Angela Q Nov 19, 2010

      God damn it is a shame how the Agent X line has gotten treated. I picked up one issue and had to burn my way through everything agent x. When I was done I just said “That’s it? Really?” Besides I adored the adorable little chibis of agent x’s team


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