A busy Halloweekend results in a rare Monday recording. Give a warm welcome to a chilly November with Brandon, Tom, Josh, and special guest Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props fame) as they discuss Keiji Inafune’s sudden departure from Capcom, the leaked PSP Phone, and some recent promotional events and game releases. And, most importantly, Harrison has a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that he has decided to reveal on this very podcast! HANG ON TO YOUR SEATS, IT’S A BIG ONE. WOOO!

Show highlights:

0:01:24 – Keiji Inafune has left the building, ladies and gentlemen. How will this affect Capcom’s immediate future? What of the Mega Man Legends 3 project? How many times can Josh jerk off in one news day?

0:06:25 – We slip rather suddenly into a detailed tangent regarding handhelds, Nintendo’s future, industry trends… wow, what were we talking about before?

0:13:50 – OH, RIGHT, Keiji Inafune!

0:22:21 – Tom and Harrison made it out to Capcom’s Atlanta-based Fight Night event! Marvel VS. Capcom 3 was played! Things are said! Yeahhh!

0:38:29 – Sony lets slip a series of leaks regarding the now tangible PSP Phone. Someone somewhere is fiiiirrrrreeed…

0:53:16 – Tom and Harrison have also been playing Fable 3! The words “buggy” and “fun” are thrown around.

1:08:44 – Intermission!

1:11:00 – Harrison Krix makes a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Volpin Props, but first, uh… I guess Uncharted! (Like, the first one… from 2008…)

1:20:38 – Okay this time Harrison seriously makes a


1:32:35 – Listener Emails! We revisit Ryan’s question from last week about Sony’s plans for GDC this Spring under the new light of leaked PSP Phone details.

1:36:56 – Dave writes to ask what we think of JMS’s Superman: Earth One revamp. (Ha ha get it, “vamp,” because Twilight. Ahhhh, jokes.)

1:44:20 – Andrew writes in to share some of his personal best Halloween stories, one of which involves this radical costume.

1:52:35 – Ben asks Tom exactly how embarrassed he is to be a part of this podcast. GOOD QUESTION. Gold star.

1:59:03 – Billy asks us to name some of our favorite video game monsters, killers, and all-around creeps. SPOILER WARNINGS (for some admittedly old games, but still).

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.45: Smells Like Cheeseburgers

  1. Tyler Crowley Nov 3, 2010

    Love the image this week, and I really hope that will be his actual epitaph when he finally does explode into radiating balls of light.

    I’m assuming the Crowley Cwestion Corner was lost to the abyss of the internet this week? That’s perfectly fine, as it wasn’t particularly interesting.


    • The corner lives, and we actually attempted an answer this week, but technical difficulties (Josh’s mic giving out for almost the entire thing) made it impossible to include. We’ll celebrate its glorious return in the next recording, which is good as I believe Zack will very much enjoy it.


      • Tyler Crowley Nov 3, 2010

        I’ll hold off on a new one, then

        I’m also trying to get you guys some nominations for the podcast awards: http://podcastawards.com/, for what it’s worth. At the very least it could bump up your exposure some. It may be something you could get friends to do as well, if you think it’s worthwhile.


  2. *BURP* “nice timbre” Timbre is pronounced Tamber, not timber :p


  3. Dear Keiji Inafune:
    No U.


  4. A PSPhone is currently a terrible idea, and that is why I’m convinced that Sony will go ahead and do it will all their might.
    Android recently killed service for an entire city due to how frequently the phones with a certain IM app checked in with the towers. Online gaming will be way more tower intensive that an IM app, and I don’t think the networks are currently capable of supporting that load. Take online gaming away and the machine becomes less attractive.
    Games will take up internal memory, good games will take up quite a bit. This will lead to less space for ring tones, music, images and contacts on your phone and/or limited game selection on your device at any time.Of course an external drive, either for storage of UMD, reduces the portability of the device beyond usefulness.
    Android is a very open system. That means either the PSP is an app that Android runs(first party emulator basically), or Android and the PSP OS boot in parallel. If the parallel booting isn’t opening the PSP OS to hacking of the most developer confidence destroying kind then reducing the PSP to an app will. Developers already dislike the PSP for how easily things can be pirated on it, taping it to Android isn’t going to help the security any. Booting in parallel will also Game Gear levels of battery murder. They could ameliorate this problem by having the PSP have its own on switch, but that makes it less convenient.
    The phone is made by not a phone company. Look at the shitty tech support Google gave with the Nexus One. Now imagine those same issues but being handled by Sony. Confidence is not inspired.
    A phone requires a service provider. Without that people will be paying the unsubsidized price for the hardware, that will lead to sticker shock. CDMA or GSM network? I know I wouldn’t trust Game Stop to hand me the correct one. Sony’s history in the handheld market is sketchy
    The best case scenario as I see it is this is just a standard Android phone, but it has the PSP logo and extra buttons(which are owned by Sony and further handset developers who want to use those, or similar buttons, will have to pay Sony for). This allows Android to make gains as an all in one mobile entertainment device on the strength of the PlayStation Brand, and gives Sony a potential revenue stream without any real expense(other than possibly damage to their PlayStation brand).

    A successful Angry Birds: The Movie is easy. Its a heist movie reminiscent of Ocean’s 11, a special ops movie like The A-Team, Armegeddon or Leverage: The Movie. There’s 7 bird types, so you’ll need 7 protagonists each with a specialization reminiscent to one of the birds in game abilities. Bonus points if the characters are named, or Code-Named, according to the birds they represent. The pigs are either the guy/business they want to rob, or are P.I.G. an evil organization dedicated to the utter something bad that must be stopped. Conflict arises as the Birds seek to break through the various security measures and each member must both use their own special talents and rely on each other to make it through alive. Add a dash of internal conflict(maybe Black and White each feels that the other is extraneous due to overlapping skill sets or Boomerang and Yellow used to be married but had a messy divorce or Red and Big Brother are sworn enemies) and good casting and the movie will make tons of money. Also if anyone is needing an Angry Birds movie written I’m available and work cheap.

    The descendants of Superman’s creators are involved in lawsuits against DC for the ownership of Superman and Superman derived characters, and everything I’ve read about it points to bad news for DC keeping Superman. I’ve heard that the Siegel and Shusters, should they regain rights to Superman, would be able to let multiple publishers publish Superman stories. Given DC’s strong arm legal tactics of the past, and Alan Moore’s rants about how manipulative they can be I see this more as DC using up an archetype so that if they lose exclusivity to Superman they could attempt to sue anyone who makes a Superman too similar to any Superman they’ve already published than a real story being told for story’s sake.


  5. Billy Nov 5, 2010

    -- Honestly, if people are still willing to eat out of Nintendo’s palm each time the company releases another installment of their chief franchises, then I suppose that is just more power and money for them. Main point being that they are essentially a business, and a business is out there to make money. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same song and dance again and again and again.

    -- I am very envious of Harrison’s and Tom’s future trip.

    -- I’ll post some of my favorite creatures soon.


  6. Sarah Nov 7, 2010

    Jesus Take the Wheel is a Carrie Underwood song. Or at least that’s what someone told me. >_>


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