This week: Brandon forgets to watch the clock and things tumble well beyond any sort of reasonable time limit. Settle in with a hot mug of wassail (whatever the hell that is) and join Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack for a three-hour adventure that has no real justification. Included herein: racial epithets, bathroom stories, listener emails, and maybe, just possibly, a brand-new jingle for a regular occurrence. Brandon edited the hell out of this one, so enjoy the show goddammit.

Show highlights:

0:02:30 – Seriously, what in the world is a “wassail?”

0:04:30 – Tom and Brandon went to see Jackass 3D and, as it turns out, poop makes them laugh.

0:09:00 – Attempting to spark a conversation about Batman, things almost immediately veer off-topic into a more general discussion about comics and the internet’s direct impact on the events therein. EXCITING STUFF.

0:40:40 – Tom saw a gameplay video and says DCU Online looks great! Prove it, Tom! “Okay,” says Tom.

1:12:25 – Intermission!

1:14:10 – Brandon and Tom have both beaten Comic Jumper, with varying degrees of satisfaction!

1:32:10 – I guess we’d better just skip a podcast review of Sonic 4 before Zack punches someone on his way to the emails.

1:35:21 – Listener emails! Jon/Talby is first at bat to solicit some film project ideas…

1:53:38 – JKP! is proud to introduce the first-ever official installment of the Crowley Cwestion Corner. What follows is another hour or so of embarrassing stories, nipple preferences, and museum ideas.

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.43: Frown Town is Better Than Brown Town

  1. This was the funniest podcast yet!


  2. Cloud Oct 27, 2010

    Where is the new podcast, this one is over a week old. Also, when are you guys going to post some new content? I’d love to see another game review, or another video.


    • Funny you should ask, new podcast is live as of now!

      There’s a new video surprise in the works featuring me and Josh, and reviews for both Comic Jumper and Sonic 4 are in the pipeline! Now if Fall would just lighten up, we can deliver those soon.


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