Put on the cape and footie pajamas and get ready for an unintentionally superheroic, comic-focused episode as Brandon, Tom, Josh, and special guest ZACK (oh my GOD he’s actually here) talk about some of the big news out of the New York Comic-Con! Movies, games, comic books, and combinations thereof: this episode’s got it all! Plus, a special intermission and more listener emails!

Show highlights:

0:00:00 – It’s the last day of the NYCC, everybody! Woo!

0:03:14 – Archie is going to publish an ongoing Mega Man monthly comic! And you know what? That’s actually really cool news!

0:10:38 – Like a hurricane of non-sequiturs, Zack finally arrives to the recording

0:11:27 – Sega wants the bad Sonic games of recent years yanked off store shelves… could you be more specific, Sega?

0:15:05 – We jaw on for a bit about or mutual love for the X-Men Arcade Game before groaning cautiously at the newly announced X-Men: Destiny by Silicon Knights

0:20:24 – Sega’s showing off their Captain America game! Mixed reactions abound.

0:25:14 – And now: Zack’s semi-regular Deadpool news update/rant.

0:30:29 – Four new fighters for MvC3! And take a wild guess who our personal favorite is…

0:43:50 – Early Intermission! Sit down for a spell with Levar Allen’s Game Over (Free download! How generous!)

0:48:44 – Zack Snyder is officially directing the next Superman movie! Somehow this news leads to a discussion of Marvel’s treatment of female characters

1:10:44 – Tom’s tried his hand at Twisted Pixel’s Comic Jumper! You know what that would segue nicely into? A talk abut superheroes in comedy properties.

1:18:04 – Listener Emails! First, Zack picks up the slack and responds to some questions from last week. Let Dr. Z make it all better.

1:25:57 – Zack verbally forges an email to reveal the terrible secret of Jump Kick Punch!

1:27:28 – Billy writes in to ask us what our last meal as death row inmates would be.

1:31:08 – Billy ALSO writes in to ask us about which characteristics define an eastern gaming culture versus a western gaming culture. Hoo boy, let’s… let’s try and handle THIS one succinctly.

1:40:09 – Andrews misses Zack, and also calls out Josh on a statement he made about DLC fighting game characters…

1:47:10 – Tyler writes in to present us with a distinct honor! For himself.

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16 comments on “JKP! Ep.42: In a Dumpster on the Moon

  1. Billy Oct 13, 2010

    I guess I really meant to say was that I like putting in the work and effort to level up (read: grind) because it shows my dedication, work ethic, and the level of fun I’m having. And this is something that I see primarily in Eastern games because, as you guys said, most Japanese/Korean gamers will sit and grind all day long.

    Also, I’ll have something to contribute about Comic Jumper soon.


  2. Tyler Crowley Oct 14, 2010

    As far as Comic Jumper is concerned, I’ll go ahead and agree with most of the reviews I’ve read: it’s a great game, I just wish it was more fun to play. The humor has roughly an 80% success rate with me, it is deftly performed by the voice actors at Okatron, and it has plenty of visual appeal, though the manga levels make it very hard to differentiate what will and will not hurt you in the environment. Twisted Pixel is fast becoming one of my favorite developers, it’s just a shame this isn’t half as fun gameplay wise as ‘Splosion Man was. It’s definitely a game worth experiencing, and had me laughing till the end.

    glad Zack made his triumphant return, he is by far the best character in this radio drama

    also, excellent choice of closing music, Brandon.

    Superfan, up up and away!
    Superfan, away!!


    • I didn’t get to address this in the podcast as much as I’d like to have done: “it’s a great game, I just wish it was more fun to play.” is a singularly absurd statement. If playing the game is fun or blah, it’s not a good game. No number of cut-scenes can save it and no matter how many gallons of style you pour into it, it’s *still not good*. I’ve heard this about everything Tim Schaefer’s ever made and everything Grasshopper Studios has ever made. Someone needs to tell Twisted Pixel that unless they wish to be destitute, they should work on the whole “game” thing. I heard Comic Jumper is based on a character that the main Twisted Pixel dude had in his Trapper Keeper in 6th grade, and that’s kind of sad to me. They eschewed a chance to do a great comic book parody, and instead made a character that’s a cartoon face that talks to another cartoon face slapped into a Superman suit, and then expect this wacky character to carry the weight of an entire game.

      People like Tim and Suda are grand tragic figures to me: They are both mega-talented artists that for some reason got into making games when they clearly are simply not any good at it and should just go into animation instead. Brutal Legend was a brilliant idea that was *so close* to being one of the best games of all time, and Tim ruined it by trying too hard to be an avant garde genre-breaker instead of just making the game everyone thought he was making. Suda has style and ideas to spare, but he should either be head of an animation studio, or working as a concept person under a much bigger company’s thumb for the rest of his life. Under no circumstances should that man be allowed to head up an entire game studio ever again. Twisted Pixel’s too talented to fall into that same swamp of “Mediocre at Our Jobs, But We’re Funny So It Doesn’t Matter”.


      • You are so quick to write off Comic Jumper without even finishing the first level that I find it difficult to read your thoughts with sincerity. The concept is so charming, how awesome would it be to make a game based on something you made as a child? From what I played so far, I can tell Twisted Pixel loves what they do, and what they do is make games.


        • Tyler Crowley Oct 14, 2010

          Thank you Tom, for saying things better and with less words than me.


        • Hi Tom, welcome to the Internet. The Internet is a magical place where everyone is not only entitled but required to make bold declaration about the quality of things they know little or nothing about. Without this freedom discourse on the internet would wither to a handful of people who know what they talk about having polite discussions about the pros and cons of various minutia. That programming schedule isn’t working for PBS, and it would kill the internet.
          Instead of chastising Josh for his ignorance you should praise him. His dumbass, uninformed, overly verbose rants are the what makes the Internet the source of constant amusement that it is. Without people like him facepalm, pwned, and fail never would have entered the cultural consciousness.
          Josh’s ability to make and attempt to defend such statements is the essence of what it means to be American, and right now you are trying to undermine his America-ness. Why do you and Tyler Crowley hate America and want the terrorists to win?


          • Ben, the terrorists have already won…


          • Guys, PLEASE… “Opposing Forces.”

            Use the term “Opposing Forces.”


          • Tyler Crowley Oct 14, 2010

            Isn’t it clear? I’m under the payroll of the Opposing Force


          • See Ben, here’s what’s funny: If you pay attention, sometimes you don’t even have to read, watch, or play a thing to know what’s up with a product. Sometimes you recognize patterns. If anyone ever tells you how funny a game is before they talk about how fun a game is, that game is garbage. In fact, you can insert almost any adjective there instead of “funny” and that rule still holds true. “How’s The Adventures of Such And Such?” “It has a great (visual style/soundtrack/sense of humor/graphical engine/story)”. If that’s the exchange that takes place, take any copies of that game you find and throw them immediately away, because they aren’t worth a fuck. It’s like saying a movie’s great because of the score. It’s like saying a book is great because of the picture of the author on the back. It’s funny? That’s adorable, but this is a video game. If a game isn’t fun to play, then it shouldn’t be a game. Comic Jumper may by absolutely hysterical. I have no idea. What I do know is that it’s not worth it to find out because I would be giving money to people that decided to be funny instead of doing their jobs.

            Need proof? Think about Chrono Trigger. What do people say? “Epic game, one of the greatest of all time”. Now look at Chrono Cross. What’s the first thing that people say about that game? “It has a *fantastic* soundtrack”. They don’t say it’s a great game, because it’s not. I’ve been around long enough to see so many projects come out that have a craaaaazy premise, oh my god you guys it’s so nuts, and then every single time when they finally do come out, they’re garbage because a funny idea isn’t a game (the most recent example would be Naughty Bear).


          • Since I cannot reply to each individually….

            I asked why you want the terrorists to win, not have the terrorists won. Nice attempt to dodge the question though, they teach you that at Camp Al Qaeda?

            Tyler Crowley:
            An excellent, straight forward and contextually aware answer. Tom should take notes, but not straight up copy.

            I completely agree. Comic Jumper, from everything I’ve heard or seen, is a beautiful game that has some rather deep flaws. It just seemed like this podcast brought out the “shit on Josh” in everyone and I wanted my turn.


      • Tyler Crowley Oct 14, 2010

        I agree with all your points, especially in regards to Tim Schafer: His games tend to become things I’d gladly pay to see as a movie, but I never want to play them.

        I think you misunderstood the sentiment of my absurd statement. If I’d said, “I just wish it was fun to play”, then I’d award you the point, but that’s not what i was trying to get across. What I was trying to convey was that Twisted pixel has been on an upward slope since their first game, The Maw. The Maw was fairly a charming game, with simple and sometimes tedious gameplay. ‘Splosion Man was exponentially more charming (to me at least) and had even simpler gameplay. I mean, the game had only two inputs: run right or left, press any other button to “splode”. Somehow this incredibly simple and equally addicting game mechanic carried the game all the way through a 50 level “campaign”. And now Comic Jumper comes out, again trading up in the charm and humor category, but it downgraded in gameplay.

        What I’m trying to say is that Comic Jumper is not AS fun as ‘Splosion Man, it’s not AS addicting as ‘Splosion Man, but it’s still a fun game. It can be tedious and punishing at times, but thankfully not due to poor controls. Shifting to melee segments in levels really should have been left out, because the change from running-and-gunning feels unnatural, and those are by far the most boring sections of the game.

        Twisted Pixel is an amazing developer and can continue to produce intriguing new games because they base their games around really simple mechanics, yet remain interesting until the credits roll. They unfortunately were off the mark on Comic Jumper, ever so slightly. It’s still fun to play, but it is definitely lacking as well.

        Also, I think you’re a little quick to dismiss the game’s ability to parody simply because you don’t care for the blandness of the main character’s design in the first level of the game. I found the archetypal supporting cast and the aesthetic shifts Captain Smiley makes from comic to comic both humorous and successful parodies of comics.

        As far as cutscenes are concerned, I have to disagree, on a personal level. For me it all it could take is 1 or 2 really funny, well performed cutscenes to carry me to the end of a game, and as soon as I saw the “Fan Letters” segement at the end of the Silver Age comic you jump into, I knew I had to finish the game to see what else they had in store for me, and the last level definitely delivers. I defy anyone to see the “Fan Letters” scene and not laugh at it’s unfortunate accuracy.

        anyway, I’ll sum this shit up, since it sort of turned into a rant: Comic Jumper is still a fun game, but they’ve done better in the past. I hope Twisted Pixel irons out some of the rough patches if they decide to do anything else with the property.


        • Look out Josh, the Tyler/Tom tag team wants to keep you from sitting comfortably this week.


  3. Andrew Oct 14, 2010

    To amend Zack’s description of BBCT(the first one) The right joystick could be pushed in a direction to perform 2 standard moves, one super, and the astral heat, each cardinal direction.
    However in BBCS (the sequel) there is now a beginner mode instead of the “funstick” as my friends and I call it from the first game. Beginner mode works as you just rapid press A or B (buttons for blaze blue are A B C D) to do combos that are within the game. There are if not equal perhaps less tricks and things to learn in this then there are in Street Fighter 4. Considering that SSF4 requires you to flawlessly time transitions between attacks in the Trials to perform the combos within SSF4, BBCS has easier to perform combos. You can break a combo to further your combo which takes super meter just like SSF4. BBCS also comes with a tutorial section to very smoothly and easily push you into the game. So within a week you can pick a character and start to figure out how to combo with BBCS’s own trial version called challenge mode.
    Before you make up ridiculous claims like needing a 3 hour college class to work this game you should at least rent it and play it for yourself by yourself looking through the tutorials. Basically if you can play SSF4 you can play Blaz Blue Continuum Shift


    • Calling Josh out on his bullshit once again. Keep this up and you may become enemies for life.


  4. Andrew Oct 18, 2010

    I think Chrono Cross is a great game! I think the gameplay is entirely fun and different. I enjoyed learning and figuring out a system of balancing my attacks and spells against the traditional jrpg style of spam attacks and heal when you need to. When you are greatly limited to your heals per battle it makes boss fights much more interesting and strategic.
    The only flaw I have ever seen in Chrono Cross was being named Chrono Cross, because it really couldn’t compare to the original story ideas of Chrono Trigger. Whenever I compare the two as similar games Chrono Cross never feels like a sequel to Chrono trigger, in that I expect the same level of in depth characters and creative story telling and exciting secrets discovered in the game.

    I have noticed an issue with your phone mail in that it is inferior to emails. Emails are easier to do in every aspect. Now if we had a way to have a recorded phone conversation on the podcast with talking with one of the members or all the members of JKP that would be lots more fun. But currently the issue seems that you call in say something and then wait for feed back. Which is the same thing as sending an email but being limited to the differences of calling or writing. Might be something worth considering.


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