The gauntlet has been thrown down as Nintendo unveils more info about their exciting new handheld, and Brandon, Josh, and Tom are on the scene (read: the living room) to give their earnest reactions. Join our Trio of Terror (come back, Zack!) for a full rundown of upcoming titles, thoughts on Dead Rising 2 and the latest Lara Croft adventure, various recommendations and warnings, and a hand full of Listener Emails!

Show highlights:

0:01:29 – 3DS! Oh boy! Japan has a release date! And a price! And a bunch of upcoming games! And THREEEE DEEEEEE.

0:19:50 – We run through the entire list of announced 3DS titles, in alphabetical order.

0:38:43 – Here, at the dawning of the second decade of the 21st century, the planets have aligned and Mega Man Legends 3 is a real thing that is genuinely being made for real.

0:54:58 – Intermission!

0:55:21 – We’re back, and we’re French

0:56:31 – Tom and Brandon say Dead Rising 2 is pretty fun, as long as you don’t take it too seriously

1:09:20 – Josh has been playing the new Lara Croft downloadable title, and he is quite taken by it!

1:20:24 – Brandon has experienced one thing he hated (Blade Kitten)  & one thing he loved (Exit Through the Gift Shop)

1:30:54- Listener Emails! First up is Danny, asking what we’re fond of within the realm of Fall TV

1:48:29 – Matt is engaged and wants marriage advice! Congrats, Matt! Also sorry, Matt! We tried.

1:57:04 – Tyler wants to know who we’d each do the Fusion Dance with. The answers are surprisingly unsexy, until you remember that Zack’s not here this week.

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.41: A Bird in the Hand, Amen

  1. Andrew Oct 8, 2010

    Oh god I tried that Desu Desu Cat game too. God it was so bad. I pretty much did the same as you started it up ran awhile found some secrets… I was like alright I spent the time downloading this I will at least beat the demo… Still going alright you know what screw this game I’m going to go play Megaman.
    All in all fun podcast but We miss you Zack!!


  2. Billy Oct 8, 2010

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but the latest Lara Croft game is very fun. It’s a shame that I can’t play with my girlfriend, as she likes Lara Croft, but she is terrified of spiders. Very fun and involving game that’s worth it’s price.


    • Billy Oct 8, 2010

      I have to add that fighting a T-Rex is very awesome and a refreshing idea for a boss then the usual megalomaniac that’s seeking revenge or another. I haven’t tried playing as Totec yet since I don’t have a partner to play with.


  3. Tyler Crowley Oct 8, 2010

    Alright, first off: Shut the hell up Brandon! R.O.B. is great! He’s got “buddy” right in his name!

    Insight on Lara Croft single player: It’s still a very similar game, they just had to find ways for her to complete the puzzles on her own, i.e. giving her Totec’s spear at the beginning of the game. Speaking of, that’s probably one of the most unintentionally funny moments of the single player

    “Oh no! this eternal evil I am forever burdened with containing has escaped! I the immortal Totec must do battle with him! Here, mortal woman, take my mystical spear and do my job for me! kthnxbye!(runs off screen)”

    then you don’t really see him again until before the last boss.

    Thoughts on Cartoon Networks cartoon lineup: It’s all pretty watchable. Even their “MAD” sketch comedy show was eliciting genuine chuckles the couple of times I watched it. “CSIcarly” and the Clone Wars spoof in particular were pretty good. I’m a fan of puns, though, so turning Anakin into Mannequin (get it, cuz they look liek their made of wood! lol) was a thumbs up for me

    lastly, I don’t want to be “That Guy” or anything, but Josh was the only one to ever get my name right. It’s Cr-OW-ley:

    I say it ad nauseum, but great episode! I don’t care what you have to do, but get Zack back to the mic! He brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” (continuing with the french theme) to your podcast. Is it the beautiful, melodically soothing tones of his manly voice? Is it the brilliant insight into every conversation? Hard to say. The chemistry certainly lacks something when JKP is not whole.

    maybe if you guys get 1 mirrion requests Zack will come back


    • NO.



      …I thought he was great in Smash Bros., though, that was kinda’ cool.


  4. If I were a Mega Man fan I know I wouldn’t be getting worked up for MML3. The last was released for the PS1, and I cannot imagine that the demand for a new entry into the series has grown in the intervening years. I would worry that this game is going to be made as cheaply as possible.
    And “community participation” is no guarantee that the end result will be good. Maybe they will use real fan suggestions. Look at the Mega Man fans. They aren’t Sonic bad. Throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick. Capcom might be planning on using the suggestions on small inconsequential things like life bar color or what the bottom of the character’s feet should look like. Hell this could all be a publicity stunt and all the suggestions will really go to
    But I’m naturally paranoid and distrustful of the custodians of my childhood joys so take that with a grain of salt.

    Castle is very worth watching, very new school Moonlighting.
    Community is the best comedy on TV. Speaking of Donald Glover, the first time you see him in the first new Community episode he is wearing Spider-man pajamas.
    Fringe, Modern Family and Stargate Universe are sophomore shows that I have a hard time missing from week to week.

    New Show wise:
    No Ordinary Family started terrible, but the second episode shows significant improvement.
    Running Wilde is showing potential. The characters are interesting, but something isn’t clicking. I doubt it will finish the season. Fax is too fond of canceling Hurwitz/Arnett projects.
    Nothing else stands out yet, and I’m Hulu-ing up all the fall premiers.

    Carnage has the symbiot in his bloodstream somewhat like a virus, maybe that would work.
    Carrion got his powers from being exposed to an experimental virus.
    The High Evolutionary has used viruses to endow powers and memories.


  5. *Achem* Guys… (pushes up glasses) the fusion dance and the fusion earrings are totally different things.


    • I blame brandon


    • WHOOPS.

      Undeniably embarrassing. As I mentioned, I’m not exactly up-to-speed on my DBZ lore. Looks like none of us were, really. Thanks for setting us straight, Joey!



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