After last week’s chaos, Brandon, Josh, and Tom embrace a welcome return to whatever it is that passes for normalcy around here by discussing Halo Reach, crazy (and secret) Bioshock Infinite revelations, hands-on impressions of Kinect, the welcome death of Project Milo, why it’s a perfect time to start enjoying One Piece, and why Pedobear is a herald of the end times. Plus, listener emails!

Also, Josh has the sniffles. Awwwwwwwww.

Show highlights:

0:01:03 – Now that they’re back, Josh and Tom chime in on TGS

0:10:42 – Brandon beat Metroid: Other M, and boy did that turn out like he was expecting

0:15:31 – Tom’s played the Dead Rising 2: Episode 0 prologue, and he ain’t a fan

0:28:24 – Brandon very much enjoyed the Enslaved demo!

0:35:30 – Halo Reach. Tom. Half an hour of discussion. Ohhhh yeahhhhh. Spoilers abound, here and there, so BEWARE!

0:59:50 – Intermission!

1:00:50 – Tom has also had some hands-on time with Kinect! Pass that Kool-Aid! Also, Milo is dead and might be shucked and gutted for the benefit of the Fable franchise…

1:21:50 – Turns out that Bioshock Infinite gameplay video holds many secrets for the keen observer… DO TELL, TOM

1:29:00 – One Piece is pretty great. You should give it a try. You have only missed something like eight thousand chapters but THERE’S A TIME SKIP HAPPENING NOW so, y’know!

1:38:02 – Glee might suck now, reports Josh. Uh-oh.

1:49:27 – Pedobear is terrible and a California Sheriff’s office is deeply concerned, but kids sure think he’s funny and parents just don’t understand, gah! PFFSH. GROWN-UPS, amirite?

2:07:58 – Intermission 2!

2:08:45 – Listener emails! Tyler has some interesting “versus” scenarios for us!

2:20:08 – Harrison wishes for us to act out a JKP fantasy deathmatch scenario for your listening pleasure. Turns out we have given it some thought already.

2:25:24 – Sarah writes in to ask about the comparable strength and skillsets of Jesus and Superman

2:29:29 – Tyler writes in a second time to ask us which moment, exactly,  we would choose to mark as the seed of unfortunate events in the Sonic franchise…

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18 comments on “JKP! Ep.40: Fight to the Death with Friends

  1. Sarah Oct 1, 2010

    More humorous Pee-Doh-Bear fail that Josh forgot to mention:


  2. I think the gameplay in Other M is fantastic, but I also think the (Japanese) story is pretty bad.


  3. Also, there should never be a time limit in a sand box game ever….I’m looking at you Dead Rising.


  4. Aw shit, you’re talking about Glee? My wife loves the show, and the first season was enjoyable, but season two is awful so far, for several reasons that Josh failed to whine about. Please accept my apology for the rant I’m about to go on.

    I blame the Lady Gaga episode for almost everything wrong with Glee. IIRC, that was their highest rated episode. What they should have taken from that was “its funny making people dress stupid.” What they took from it was “current music draws in viewers more than classic music, so lets do more new stuff.” Ever since then Glee’s music selection is skewing newer and newer, much to the detriment of the show.

    There is lots of filler. What was the point of the Puck/Rachel hook up other than getting the episode to the full 44-ish minutes. The Laryngitis and Doogie Howser episodes only existed to make 22 episodes; the big plot points could have been done better as B plots in stronger episodes. The Lady Gaga episode is the best example of filler in any non-Dragon Ball show I have ever seen. The kids learn they are outcasts from the school, and they learn to accept that and draw together as a team. Many episodes dealt with the Glee kids being outcasts, and had them coming together and supporting each other and overcoming adversity. Honestly, the show could be cut to fit a 30 minute time slot with little loss of quality. Fewer but better song and dance bits, and the plots would be more focused and concise.

    There are too many characters. I understand that they needed more people to make the dance scenes more of a spectacle, but character bloat is going to crush the show. And they decide to add new members to the group(and then forget them in episode 2)? Maybe the extra regulars are needed to keep the dances a spectacle, but there has to be a better way to integrate them.

    After one episode of season one I knew the big overarching plots for the season; Glee club is struggling, Sue hates the Glee kids, the student body hates the Glee kids, bad marriage. Season two hasn’t established these big plots yet, there are hints, but the show feels lost at the moment. I think the writers are making shit up as they go rather than having a season long outline. It didn’t work out well for Galactica, I doubt it will work out well here.

    Further supporting the writers don’t know what they are doing look at how quickly they snapped all the characters back to the status quo. Finn is back on the football team because that defines him, even though he and a cripple taught Rachel that no single thing defines anyone. Quinn is back on the Cheerios, even though she straight up told Sue she didn’t want to be a Cheerio any more. I know I shouldn’t expect it of American television, but if you go through the effort of growing your characters you should at least try to make their growth stick.

    The biggest warning sign, however, is all the stunt casting Glee has been doing. Some of it, Olivia Newton John, made some sense. Susan Boyle and Neil Patrick Harris seem to be pulled out of someone’s ass and thrown onto the show because a producer somewhere decided that those people are good at singing and enough of a name to draw in some viewers. The Britney Spears episode was terrible, not because of her music but because it signals the continuance of theme shows where every week all their songs are linked by the performing artist.

    However, as long as Jane Lynch is being Sue Sylvester I’ll watch the show because she is brilliant.

    I do think the Sheriff may have over reacted, but, as a father, I understand the concern. I have seen enough bad parents that I think a pamphlet was sadly necessary. It is sad that Pedobear was the rallying point for a very valid “Hey parents, the internet is fucked up. Best watch out.” Pedobear and the internet is not a barrier to good, involved parents.
    Also, you can block the internet on phones.

    Stop selling yourselves short. Given the images from the Dragon Con video I’d say that together the three of you could, with 5 minutes prep time, take Zack if in a celebrit-ish deathmatch type situation. Maybe the video didn’t convey his ass kicking potential, or perhaps you are all ignorant to the the limits of the human body.

    Superman is Jesus. Brian Singer wasn’t the first to suggest it, and I doubt he will be the last.
    Also check out the unified theory of Superman’s powers: According to it his one power is inertial manipulation. Also, take note that when referring to Superman using pronouns the author capitalizes the pronoun. This same punctuation error happens in the Bible when using pronouns to refer to God and Jesus.


  5. Tyler Crowley Oct 2, 2010

    Another one of your better episodes, guys! Great discussions always make for interesting radio (imagine that).

    I have to STRONGLY DISAGREE with your recommending new fans to start at Water Seven when tackling One Piece, Brandon. It’s true that the Water Seven/Enies Lobby arc is one of Oda’s strongest in terms of storytelling and art, but none of that matters to someone entering the story cold. Almost every important event of that story hinges on previously developed character growth or plot elements hinted since the beginning. The earliest i could honestly recommend someone begin reading if they wanted to skip ahead would only be Volume 12 of the graphic novels, but even then I’d be hesitant, because they’d be missing the Arlong Park story arc which is the storyline that drives the hooks in deep for most fans. My recommendation that i give most people is to not bother looking at how long it has gone thus far, and to simply read volumes 1-10. If the story has not thoroughly hooked you by that point then it’s not for you, but if it has, then odds are high you’ll be willing to commit to the rest. That’s just how I personally see it.

    That’s the two cents of a One Piece megafan, mind you, so take from it what you will.

    also if you don’t want to wait for the brand new episodes on Hulu, you can catch them same-day as the japanese release, I believe only 1 hour after it’s TV airtime on at 9:00 p.m. CDT. There you can also watch almost every episode that Funimation has dubbed and subbed for DVD release, and watch them for free, which still baffles me.

    You may have noticed from this rant that I do my best to strongly promote and inform people about the series and where they can get it because I have literally never cared for a story or characters more more than I have for One Piece, and it is a phenomenon of storytelling that is passing most people by because of how originally poorly marketed and adapted it was by 4Kids in this country.

    Rant over, sorry about that


    • I suggest such a recent (in the grand scheme of things, anyway) starting point because, for anyone coming in from the outside, the entire narrative is such a daunting mountain of anime or manga that it’s seemingly impossible to ever catch up. It’s almost a decade and a half’s worth of material to work through, and for most people that’s just not going to happen.

      As for Water Seven/CP9: There are a lot of little character nods that refer back to earlier events or pay off on a gradual investment, but I feel that the majority of those fail to ruin the overall story being told about Robin, Franky, and the rest of Luffy’s crew. for example, the Usopp/Luffy fight may not be as devastating of a shock to new readers at that point as it was to people who’d followed it from the start, but it’s still shown with enough tension and emotion that it can resonate with pretty much anyone. We also get a good enough idea of who he is as a character (as we do with the rest of the crew) during the course of that story as well.

      The two biggest backstory-related hurdles that I can see really affecting the flow of that arc for new fans are (A) not witnessing, first-hand, the wear and tear that the Going Merry’s sustained and (B) Robin’s sudden switch from mysterious villainess to voluntarily (and forcibly) enlisting in Luffy’s crew, then maintaining a curious emotional and personal detachment… but even those aren;t really The rest of it stands a pretty good chance of things falling into place. That particular story is told so well that I’m pretty confident new fans will get hooked, then want to go back and see what else they’d missed while also maintaining the sense that they’re a little more caught up. That seems like the important thing when I recommend this series to someone new, introducing an “in” that helps them feel like it’s not going to be such a difficult climb.

      Of course, ultimately, I agree with you that the best solution is to just read the entire thing from the start because it’s fantastic. The last thing *I* felt this sort of extended, narrative connection to was BONE. And that hasn’t even come close to One Piece.

      I actually just got Zack started up on it again, after years of leaving it behind, and I gave him the Davy Back Fight volumes to start off. He’s a huge, huge Buggy the Clown fan, so there’s no way he can miss what’s been going on with his favorite character. Maybe I can catch him up then finally have someone else to talk about OP with on the podcast.


      • Tyler Crowley Oct 2, 2010

        The “Daunting Task” is always something I try desperately to sweep under the rug when attempting to bring fresh blood into the series. If you start with that knowledge, it’ll be hard to see it as anything but a chore. My 1-10 volume method worked on both my brother and my girlfriend: They’ve both seen my “shrine” to One Piece with all the books set up, but I hooked them with the early story and characters, and they now work at it with their own pace, and my girlfriend has never read a manga before. My brother even marathoned the Viz volumes that are out this summer, and now even reads weekly with me, which is great. It’s a series that defies a logical fanbase, and can be appreciated by almost anyone

        It’d be great to hear you and Zack talk about current OP events every once in a while if he does stick with it. It may be only a few of us listeners who would appreciate it, but appreciate it we would. Plus, i’m always willing to talk One Piece, if you wanted to write up a quickie article on your impressions of a chapter every once in a while.
        Food for thought, i guess.


  6. It’s good to hear that Zack is getting back into One Piece. Whenever he’d catch me watching an episode or reading the manga back when we lived together he’d often voice his disappointment that Buggy had not yet returned. So when Buggy finally showed up again, I immediately thought of Zack!

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I often think about when a good “jumping on” point would be, because, to be honest, while One Piece was always good, it was a slow build to when it became GREAT, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where that happened. Some say Arlong or maybe Baroque Works, and maybe so… but that’s still a fairly daunting amount of chapters/episodes behind for people who are intimidated by that sort of thing. Water Seven/CP9 is maybe my favorite arc. Franky is incredible, and the stuff with Usopp and Robin had some of the greatest emotional impact of the whole series so far.

    I’ve been preaching the gospel of OP for quite some time here in Athens, and Michele and a couple of our friends are interested but not quite hooked. I’ve actually started buying the books since vol. 1 (started with a lot of the first 10 on ebay and planning to buy 4 books a month for a year or so until I get caught up w/Viz). In fact what hooked Michele was Ivankov of all things! Anyway, they’re all beginning to read the books, and it’s great to finally be able to talk about my favorite contemporary shounen manga with other people than myself!


    • p.s. It’s my understanding that Zack doesn’t use “the internet” so please pass along the message that I’m happy he’s giving OP another try :P


  7. Andrew Oct 3, 2010

    So when do we get the JKP t-shirt of JKP loves bannanas but Tom loves Brendon. Also I watch the OP anime but dont read the manga so to let you know its on episode 466 now.


    • Tyler Crowley Oct 3, 2010

      …episode 469 came out yesterday.


      • Andrew Oct 4, 2010

        yeah i typoed using the number pad on the side thanks


  8. Perturbo Oct 4, 2010

    Guys, I don’t think that Cortana is a Forerunner creation. I think that she is an AI based on Halsey’s neural templates; this has been hinted at in the books, if I remember it’s hinted in the 8th mission.

    Now she might have been made by integrating Forerunner tech, which could explain why she was so important.


    • I think that’s what I was a bit confused about in the game. They made it seem like she was part of forerunner tech. But I’ve seen her (Cortana) in Halsey’s journal, so I should finish reading that.


      • Cortana is an AI based off a clone of Dr. Halsey’s brain. At the end of Halo 3, she is around 5 years old.

        The reason she was important in the Reach missions is because she was analyzing forerunner technology beneath Sword base. This tech is why the covenant did not fully destroy Reach, and why the fight for the planet was a surface battle instead of the orbital bombardment that happened to other Human colonies.

        Between Halo 1 and 2, Chief and Cortana return to Reach and to the underground portions of Sword base to rescue Halsey and other spartans.

        I’m going to stop talking now, because I’m in serious danger of becoming even more of a dork than you guys originally thought.


  9. Hey guys, specifically Josh:

    Did you see the news on Megaman Legends 3? Looks like it’s coming to the 3DS, which will probably make Josh very mad.

    I’m a little cautious of the control scheme, hopefully they figure something out that isn’t excruciating (like the shitty DS Kingdom Hearts)


    • We talk about that in the podcast we just recorded, Tyler. Long story short, I’m super stoked. If you’ll recall, I thought the 3DS was the winner of E3 this year, and it being the only platform with MML3 seals the deal.

      If you’re talking about how it’ll control, if you remember, the original MML had a really interesting control scheme, because it was basically a shooter in the days before there was such a thing as dual analog sticks. There was a button to lock on, and L1 and R1 strafed your character straight left or right. If you wanted to circle around the dude, press left or right on the d-pad at the same time you’re doing that. It was a really innovative way to do combat that is obsolete now that we have the dual analog setup. Could it make a return on the 3DS since it only has one analog stick? Maybe so, but regardless I am excited as hell for this game.


  10. Billy Oct 7, 2010

    One other game that took pictures/video while you’re playing is “WarioWare: Snapped!” As you play the minigames the system will take the movements made during play and then put them in a slide show. Sometimes there would be stupid add-ons that made you ridiculous or put the pictures in a form of a story, which was pretty funny.


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