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JKP! Ep.39: Gun Means Gun – Jump Kick Punch!

What happens when both Josh and Tom can’t make it to the podcast? EVERYONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE steps in to pick up the slack! Join Brandon, Zack, returning guests Heidi and Harrison, and first-time JKP’ers Emily, Ryan, Sara (no H), Sarah (definitely H), Naty, Dana, and Shadra as they discuss post-TGS developments and, more importantly, gather ’round the laptop to share some of their personal best convention stories in a very, very, very special podcast that took roughly eight thousand years to edit for levels. Weeee’re a rowdy bunch.

…Pictures and show highlights after the jump!

Show highlights:

0:03:38 – Tokyo Game Show happened! Japan is fucking nuts! We discuss some standout games, such as Gun Loco, Asura’s Wrath, GalGun, and Kojima’s visually impressive new Castlevania

0:08:45 – Zack points out his favorite trailers, and– in anticipation of Catherine— also shares his experiences playing Persona with the character name of “Sad Kitty Carcas”

0:13:02 – We get right back to enjoying the ripe comedy potential of GunLoco, and also move on to Shadows of the Damned

0:16:12 – Oh look, Last Guardian was also there! NICE OF YOU TO SHOW UP.

0:19:30 – Look who else is showing up! It’s Yun and Yang! In Super Street Fighter IV! In their honor, why NOT a conversation about DLC? Why NOT and also pass the BEER.

0:37:07 – Early Intermission! More Beer!

0:37:28 – Now that we’re well into the podcast, and since we just came out of an anime con, let’s all talk about how much we hate anime con attendees.

0:49:05 – We officially kick off the convention stories proper!

1:10:04 – At this exact moment, Zack eats a lime-flavored corn chip that he doesn’t like in the slightest.

1:40:48 – Intermission 2!

1:41:11 – We’re down by three, but we’re back, and so are the ‘con stories!

2:01:09 – Wrapping up, we harp on about con-going parents and their poor, miserable children.

(Thanks for the pictures, Dana!)

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.39: Gun Means Gun

  1. Wow, guys. Just… wow.


  2. Tyler Crowley Sep 23, 2010

    Episode 5 is back! Like a beautiful phoenix…


    • Too early to call that. Give it another couple episodes before wallowing in the glory that is Episode 5.


  3. SaraH Sep 23, 2010

    Oh my god! It exists! Thank you for sorting this mess out, I can’t wait to listen. You are a hero Brandon Sir, I salute you.


  4. Andrew Sep 23, 2010

    It was a great podcast recanting so many glorious Tales of Cons!!! Easily one of my top podcasts of all time. Episode name was the only thing that didn’t seem to be giving such an awesome podcast justice!


  5. Brando, you are a WIZARD OF TIME AND SPACE for turning that really long giggle beer fest into something possibly worth listening too.


  6. Angela Q Oct 9, 2010

    Hey the only reason we found you at the con was your “Will I draw anything?” sign. And that was sheer chance.


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