Well! Guess who took an unexpected week off from podcasting! Sorry about that. But hey, we’re back. With the blistering summer heat of Atlanta finally giving way to the cooler nights of an impending Fall, our fearsome foursome opens the doors and windows to enjoy the fresh air (which is why there are crickets in the background sometimes, let’s just get that out of the way) and engage in some delightful conversation about the last two week’s worth of game news, from poker games to controller fixes to Capcom’s rival zombie franchises. And hey, speaking of the living dead, DUKE’S BACK. HOLY SHIT. (Also, listener emails and the triumphant return of VOICEMAILS!)

Show highlights:

0:00:00 – An overlong intro and some inaproppriate humor. YOU KNOW, JUST LIKE ALWAYS.

0:05:25 – Wait, wait, waitwaitwait. Duke Nukem Forever is actually getting finished and released next year? DOGS and cats, LIVING together… MASS HYSTERIA.

0:20:56 – So it turns out that Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory is exactly what we all thought it would be, which is pretty lame. But hey, it’s cheap!

0:27:10 – WalMart’s touting an Ico/Shadow of the Colossus PS3 re-release? And there’s a Tokyo Game Show happening soon, with Team Ico present? I WONDER IF THOSE MIGHT BE CONNECTED.

0:30:40 – Inafune wants to replace Resident Evil with Dead Rising! What? Also, everyone relax. Also, what?

0:59:18 – Intermission!

1:00:01 – Mega Man Universe! Mega Man Online! So far, shit sucks! You know what else sucks? Trailers that are way, way cooler than the games they represent. (We’re looking at you, every upcoming MMO.)

1:12:09 – Speaking of rad trailers, here’s a new Marvel VS. Capcom 3 trailer! SHINY SHINY PRETTY PRETTY. (Also, hey, Tron Bonne!)

1:20:31 – They finally fixed the d-pad on the Xbox controller! Awesome, that solves everythi-where did the colored buttons go.

1:24:47 – Bioshock Infinite’s antagonistic ‘Handyman’ is a disgruntled, ceramic, turn-of-the-century Pringles Guy cyborg! AWESOME.

1:28:13 – Arkham City screenshots reveal Batman, whores. Zack is okay with this.

1:35:41 – Listener emails! Badger writes in to question the relevance and necessity of the annual Tokyo Game Show.

1:45:58 – Tyler asks Josh who he would engage in that most sacred of martial confrontations: the dance-battle.

1:48:53 – Freelance asks us for new info on Valve games, as well as some conversation about the upcoming Walking Dead series. One of those we can deliver!

1:58:28 – Matt writes in to find out which IP’s we’d each like to see turned into MUSICAAALS.

2:10:05 – Listener Voicemails! First up, some kind of… hillbilly?

2:14:54 – Next, Kevin is deeply concerned for his friend, a closeted Aquaman fan. Let’s see if we can help him accept and love himself, everyone. Let’s join hands. Aww, yeah.

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.38: Be an Optimus Prime, Not a Negatron



  2. Brave and the Bold Aquaman is, by far, the standout character in every episode he shows up in; sadly this is rarely the Aquaman that anyone means when discussing Aquaman. Just because Batman once called him “beautiful” and he managed to trip and fall his way into being a founding member of the JLA doesn’t mean Aquaman is a good character.
    Kevin’s continued friendship with this unnamed person speaks more to the weakness of Kevin’s character than of his friend’s poor taste. By continuing to associate with his friend Kevin is saying that liking Aquaman is ok. Liking Aquaman is not ok. People who like Aquaman are bad people, they are a blight on society and need to be excised from society or driven into hiding so their perverted love for all things Aquaman cannot contaminate normal, decent society. Kevin should steal and destroy all of his friend’s paraphernalia, and continue doing so until his friend learns his kind aren’t wanted.


  3. Andrew Sep 14, 2010

    you never posted the gif…


  4. Andrew Sep 17, 2010

    http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/enlarge/81098013/ajax=1/parent=81098004/ saw this and reminded me of your latest podcast


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