It’s comics and movies galore in our first half, somehow, despite the fact that a games convention just wrapped up in Germany! Brandon, Josh, and Zack mull over things like Deadpool, Grant Morrison, and the X-Men as Tom rushes to join them. Faster, Tom! Go, go! (The second half is chock full of video game conversation, we promise.)

Show highlights:

0:02:51 – We get things started with a Gamescom wrapup! Which is… fairly brief, actually… except for all the SF x Tekken, Tekken x SF excitement that happened!

0:08:01 – Mass Effect 2 is heading to the PS3?? Does word “exclusive” automatically come with an expiration date these days?

0:12:35 – Viewtiful Joe & Dormammu are in MvC3! Uh… okay? We already knew that, but… okay! Great!

0:21:14 – Somehow we find ourselves discussing the evolution of Deadpool, the writing of Grant Morrison, the current events of Batman, the art of Frank Quitely, and the almost immediate stumbling of Superman’s latest “going for a long walk” storyline

0:35:54 – Is it even possible for our trio to get excited about a new X-Men movie? Well, what if we told them it was set in the 60’s? How about that, mm?

0:42:55 – Suddenly: Tom arrives! And we gab on further about X-Men movies!

0:49:17 – Guy Gardner takes off for the farthest reaches of space in his new monthly series, but is the first arc going to be a huge plot tease?

0:54:18 – Intermission!

0:54:51 – Wheatley gets a new voice in Portal 2, and Brandon is quite fond of their new choice! But don’t tell Tom, because he’s not listening.

1:00:05 – Brandon is also tentatively excited for Metroid: Other M, which leads to a discussion about game franchises with actual narrative timelines

1:08:54 – The floor opens up to a more open debate over silent protagonists, then we have a shared moment of appreciation for the finer points of character creation.

1:21:20 – There’s going to be a Glee comic! Published by Bluewater! It’s going to be terrible, because no duh, but also for a reason that you will probably find quite surprising!

1:29:23- Listener mail! Zack takes the reigns and ad libs a fair amount… see if you can guess which bits come from the keyboards of our listeners and which bits come from Zack’s brain. First up is Peter…

1:32:10 – Freelance writes to pass on a brief but flattering pat-on-the-back!

1:33:03 – Tyler writes in to give us a rundown of our Top 10 episodes thus far, and asks us which two game universes we’d like to see a crossover for!

1:51:19 – Oh my god, we actually got another voicemail!? And oh my god, it’s basically amazing!?

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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.36: Chicken Bones and Microphones

  1. If anyone wants to see details about the Stephanie Meyer comic you can read a review here:
    How insane is Blue Water? The Stephanie Meyer one is narrated by Dracula.

    The Cereal Fighter would have the easiest DLC character cast ever. Change the sprites and lower the power levels a bit and each real character has dozens of generics that can be included.
    Someone needs to Mugen this game into creation.


  2. So….I see you guys didn’t get to my email about the PSP phone in this podcast. Hopefully you’ll get to cover it in the next podcast.


    • We ain’t get no email, nossir. Try resending? We will gladly read it on the next podcast.


  3. It must not have gone through, I’ll resend it soon.


  4. Jacob Aug 30, 2010

    Not one, not two, but three emails that I’ve sent in to JKP since early June have not been read on the air. In fact, you haven’t read any of my emails on air. Why is this? Does the JPK staff hand select emails, or are you singling me out for some reason? It makes me wonder what other emails are not being read on this site. And for the recored, none of my emails have been offensive or vulger in any way, and I also had some nice things to say about the site, so why have I been silenced?


    • jumpkickpunch Aug 30, 2010

      We apologize for any errors in delivery that might have occurred! You have our word that we read and broadcast every listener email that we receive, I assure you that nothing is intentionally excluded or discarded.

      Have you been using the contact form (found on the ‘CONTACT’ page at the upper right, or linked through the right-hand column), or have you been emailing us directly? If so, have you been sending them to the correct email address, (It’s a hard email address to mistype, but this is obviously a big problem that we wish to correct, so even ridiculous questions will be asked.)

      If the error is on our end, we will work hard to correct any technical issues that might be holding those emails up in the digital ether. Please try re-sending the emails and we will definitely dedicate time to reading and responding to them during our next recording!


  5. badger Aug 30, 2010

    The same thing happend to me, I originally thought they were censoring me because I had some harsh words towards Josh during his first article, now I think it’s just because their email service is having serious problems.


    • jumpkickpunch Aug 30, 2010

      This is fast becoming a major concern. Again, I give my guarantee that we do not censor emails based on criticism or praise. Harsh words towards Josh are, in fact, encouraged and thoroughly celebrated amongst the group. (The majority of the group, anyway.)

      Please try resending your emails using our form on the ‘CONTACT’ page, linked at the upper-right of our blog. I will be pursuing the technical hiccup on our end, if that is the situation, and amends will be made to all those who have had trouble sending emails.


    • jumpkickpunch Aug 30, 2010

      Badger, we have just successfully received your email. May I inquire what, if anything, you did differently in sending the email this time around?


  6. badger Aug 30, 2010

    I did nothing differenty.


  7. badger Aug 30, 2010

    I don’t think it was any persons fault, it may have been a computer error on either my end, or your end.


    • jumpkickpunch Aug 30, 2010

      At any rate, the idea that listener emails are somehow getting lost or dropping out into the void is a troubling one. We were unaware of this issue until you, Jacob, and Lee brought it to our attention.

      Thanks for re-sending, badger, we’ll be sure to read your email on the next podcast!


  8. badger Aug 30, 2010

    No problem guys, I’m looking forward to hearing it.


  9. Andrew Aug 31, 2010

    I believe you guys could still call in and I understand that it is trickier to call in then just sending an email, but I think the cast enjoys the calls a lot. sidenote-the calls seem to be funnier than emails too.


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