In this week’s podcast, Brandon, Tom, and Josh catch up on last week’s Star Wars Celebration news and react to the announcement of Ken Levine’s new Bioshock game, then come back swinging in the second half (joined by special guest Heidi) for an intensely spoiler-heavy discussion about all things Scott Pilgrim. The comics, the movie, the soundtrack, silky red lady’s underpants… it’s all there and more. And seriously, we’re not foolin’ about the spoilers!

Show highlights:

0:01:26 – A brief mention of Scott Pilgrim’s lackluster performance at the box office on opening weekend hints at the larger discussion to come… patience, boys, patience!

0:07:54 – GamesCom’s going on right now! In Germany! In Europe! Hey! As of this recording, however, it hasn’t started yet. Alright, moving on.

0:12:15 – The latest Star Wars Celebration just wrapped last week, and some startling announcements were made! I guess? I mean, if you’re a nerd or something. Pffsh.

0:21:00 – There is only one scene we would love to see plugged in to the Blu-ray release of the original trilogy, and it is this one.

0:32:22 – Bioshock Infinite?! What is that?! Oh Ken Levine, you charming spinner of yarns, what tricks do you have up your sleeves now?

0:42:30 – And now: a brief tangent on silent protagonists in video games.

0:53:00 – Intermission!

0:53:55 – The post-Scott Pilgrim observations/dissections/reflections begin!

1:53:34 – No, seriously, there are reasons that James Kochalka should be more strictly monitored.

1:57:32 – Listener email! Jay writes in to ask about our future convention plans… and has some flattering remarks, as well!

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.35: Five out of Five Felicia Days

  1. Sorry, Ben, we lost your comment sorting out an iTunes upload issue. Had to re-up this entry. I promise we don’t delete comments discriminately. (Clearly, based on the last entry’s thread.)


  2. Is this a new low? Blaming fucking iTunes for your incompetence? What next, blaming Michael Jordan’s new facial hair for the Holocaust? Aqua Teen Hunger Force for an enjoyable evening?
    Maybe if you updated the site more often “mistakes” like this wouldn’t happen. We all know it was Josh’s lack of work ethic, your exhaustion and Zack and Tom’s ability to just be there taking up space and precious, precious oxygen that caused the erasure of such a well written, insightful, and brilliant bit of commentary and response to a rather pedantic and by-the-book episode.
    I don’t know why I expect any better from you people at this point.


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