Zack, Brandon, and Tom team up for a tri-attack podcast this week as they discuss such topics as the Scott Pilgrim game and soundtrack, what’s up in the world of comics, Weezer’s bold and/or exploitative new album cover, and more Green Lantern news… because always with the Green Lantern news, these guys, SERIOUSLY. Also, a few listener emails! Enjoy!

Show highlights:

0:04:53 – The Scott Pilgrim game and soundtrack are both out before the movie, and Tom is going to have a FIT if we don’t talk about SOMETHING Scott Pilgrim before this weekend! (MEMORY FAILURE 1: What we’re trying and failing to remember the name of is Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight by the incomparable Paul Robertson.)

0:22:12 – Kilowog revealed! And he looks pretty great, only Brandon is very mildly let down by his jiggly-looking face? Also: Guy Gardner gets a new series and the X-Men are terrible. Hey, comics! Yeah!

0:55:13 – Intermission!

0:56:13 – Weezer. Hurley. Team-Up. What? Awesome?

1:01:19 – Listener emails! Angela Q asks for comic advice: what are some must-read Batman books? (MEMORY FAILURE 2: The one title we cannot remember the name of is Arkham Asylum: Living Hell)

1:18:12 – Zeratul writes in to question our lack of non-podcasting content (get in line, everybody, single file)

1:22:45 – Jon likes to listen to us while he plays games on mute! That’s pretty awesome. Which games would be the best fit for that? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. Also, PLAY HAPPY WHEELS because damn it’s fun.

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