Back to full strength at last! Tom, Josh, and Zack sit back and let Brandon regale them with tales of his voyage to scenic San Diego and it’s glorious, annual Comic Book Convention that has now OFFICIALLY gotten too big for its own britches. Celebrity sightings, nerd parties, and awkward exchanges abound; it’s like you’re right there on the show floor with him! Also, emails return to our regular show format, BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! At least, the slight majority of those who voted did. (Sorry and/or congratulations, listeners!)

Show highlights:

0:01:23 – Let the stories begin! I’d get more specific, but where would the fun in that be? LIVE THE ADVENTURE! (Also I’m lazy right now so nyeh.)

1:00:12 – Intermission!

1:00:48 – Picking up where we left off, more tales from Comic-Con!

1:36:13 – Listener Emails! First up, a question from James that… it turns out Tom and Josh addressed last week. BUT WHAT DOES ZACK THINK?

1:37:15 – Angela Q writes in to ask us which webcomics have the best (and worst) premises or set-ups

1:56:40 – Ben provides us with another list of “Versus” matches, spawning from the depths of geekdom and beyond!

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7 comments on “JKP! Ep.33: Clown Car Full of Mexicans

  1. ERock Aug 5, 2010

    It really doesn’t matter if you guys like SC2 or not, because its the Nation Sport of Korea. Plus, Josh just hates happiness :)

    It’s also crack. I can’t stop. I need rehab.


    • I would LOVE to play it, I just have absolutely no goddamn time.


  2. So Daniel Plainview is how overt the vs jokes have to be for you to enjoy them? I thought for sure the cross dresser vs the transgender cop would have gotten something.
    You skipped the one that Brandon suggested, the Squirrel girl one and Josh didn’t bite at the racist bait. I am disappoint.
    Hearing Zack briefly mention how he loved a Jeph Loeb story was entertaining.


  3. WAIT A SECOND. I know who Felicia Day is! I *pointed* her out to you, BRANDON. GEEZ

    I even remember making a comment to you about how Tom was going to lose his mind when we told him. Give me more credit than that, GUYS. :C


    • Heidi, you make a very good point that I am unable to discuss, unfortunately, because look at these flowers that I bought for you.


      • In my experience you need chocolates and/or something shiny to make that distraction work.


    • I give you credit! Have you been watching the new Guild episodes?!


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