A Glance Behind the Scenes at Jump Kick Punch!

August 20, 2010

My goodness but you are a passionate bunch.

First off, MAKE SURE TO VOTE IN THE NEW POLL! It’s sticky’d right there at the top of the page. Second, and in response to certain comments of late, I wanted to plug in a little update to reintroduce the team members of this site and clarify our mission.

My name is Brandon, and I put this site together. I run our podcast and I design the bulk of the site’s content. My teammates are Tom, who runs our Twitter account, Josh, who writes occasional articles, and Zack, who joins us for podcasts. You probably know all of that already. Beyond that, however, it occurs to me that perhaps some further explanation is required.

First, I want to offer my sincere thanks to those of you who have written in or commented for your aggressive encouragement. The requests (or, more increasingly, demands) for more content of every variety do not fall on deaf ears, and there are plans to enhance our output in the near future. I know many of you are getting tired of hearing this and seeing zero results, so let me give you a better timeline: two weeks from now.

(Keep reading to learn why.)

Pictured: the entirety of the JKP "Offices."

If it seems, at times, like we don’t have a dedicated staff at work here, that would be because we do not have a dedicated staff at work here. We’re just four guys and we are basically fucking around for fun. We don’t share a workspace, we don’t live together, and we have to drive miles and miles just to hang out or see one another. Getting the four of us together to record a podcast once a week is often a challenge in and of itself, and it’s a miracle when it happens.

I don’t want to speak for my three friends and co-contributers out of respect to their privacy, but I will say that we all have jobs, commitments, and interests that take an obvious seat of priority over anything internet-related. I can certainly speak for myself, however: I have been wanting to place a larger focus on the creative growth of this site for months and months. Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last year working two simultaneous, separate jobs that had already been conflicting with each other before JKP! even started. The first has been freelance and fun while remaining challenging and rewarding. The second has been the most stressful, time-consuming, and UNrewarding professional experience of my life; so much so that I will soon be leaving that second position prematurely. In two weeks.

And THAT is the specific time that I have often alluded to, where fresh content will suddenly start popping up on this site on a more regular basis.

In a recent podcast, we answered an email asking for the Jump Kick Punch! origin story. For those that missed it there, I’ll summarize it once more:

Back when we lived in different states, Josh and I made a promise to some day start recording our conversations as a podcast– something that I’d been interested in doing for a long while. Years later, Josh would end up moving down to Atlanta. Shortly after that we both became good friends with Tom, who independently suggested in December of ’09 that we start up our own podcast. The three of us roped our mutual friend Zack (who has only ever had a passing willingness to participate in our online tomfoolery) into the fold, and we recorded our first (terrible) episode on January 6 of this year. That’s how this all happened.

The site/blog was started as a place to house that weekly podcast and nothing more. After a while, I started wanting to write supplemental articles and rants to coincide with our episodes, and I encouraged Josh, Tom, and Zack to start uploading their own content as well, and only at their discretion. No one ever signed on to be a regular contributor with a concrete set of deadlines or deliveries. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the concept that we might have a larger circle of listeners/readers than those people we run into in on an average day or get regular emails from, and providing a weekly podcast was our only goal at the start, so the pressure to provide a larger amount of written material for new readers to enjoy has just never been there.

We also have no ambitions to become the next Joystiq or Kotaku, which I know will disappoint some of you. There are too many catch-all gaming news sites out there to count by now, and we would much rather find our own unique niche instead of get lost in the fold. Our topics of discussion are too broad (including comics, movies, and TV) and our plans are too varied to even make those sites comparable. Overall, we’d like to become a place that reacts and responds to the entertainment industry as a whole (rather than swiftly reporting on it) while providing our own brand of entertainment in the process. We will have comics, we will have videos, we will have more articles and we will– as always– have the podcast that we set out to create.

HOWEVER, we are always open to suggestions, and are certainly willing to consider including the sort of content that our regular visitors would love to see from us. (VOTE IN THE POLL.) I am not against the idea of providing game previews, reviews, and news updates, but that will require some additional effort and consideration as it was never our goal. And I can guarantee that, whatever form such content eventually takes, we will strive to put our own unique spin on it.

Thanks for your patience, and we hope you guys will stick around over the next couple of months as this site really takes off and explores some new territory.


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7 comments on “A Glance Behind the Scenes at Jump Kick Punch!



    • You’ll always be our Charlie, buddy.

      No wait, Zack is our Charlie.

      You’ll always be our… Sweet Dee? Wait, am I Sweet Dee?

      Is Josh Danny DeVito?

      This comparison is falling apart.


  2. Danny Aug 20, 2010

    I fully understand everything now. I’m really looking forward to seeing some new and different content in the future of this site.


  3. Wow, congrats on being mistaken for a bigwig corporation and incurring some fan-wrath, Brandon! It only goes up from here! Ad Astra!


  4. Andrew Aug 20, 2010

    Holy shnickies thats my car!!! I must have been driving…


  5. Tyler Crowley Aug 21, 2010

    God damn you, Internet! You made my favorite podcast cry! Why do you you want another Kotaku? you already HAVE Kotaku.

    anyway, that’s an amazing response from your fanbase, fellas. I was trying really hard to find out if they were joking, retarded, or didn’t listen to the episodes long enough to decipher that this podcast is a hobby for you guys, not a job.

    Whatever you end up doing will be great, and you will continue to gain support/”support” as well as a broader audience, of that I’m sure. But man, we nerds are a ravenous bunch sometimes…


  6. Sarah Aug 22, 2010

    I know I’m excited! Maybe not as excited as Charlie up there, but pretty excited!


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