Rock the Vote: the JKP Podcast’s Weekly Release Schedule

July 18, 2010

Welp, here we go: as mentioned in our last Listener Email podcast, it’s time to play puppet master and decide our fate by casting your vote to tell us, once and for all, which weekly format you prefer!

Which weekly release schedule should the Jump Kick Punch! podcast stick to from now on?

  • One episode per week, as long as possible! Including emails! (56%, 15 Votes)
  • Two episodes, keep them short and separate! One for current events and one to answer emails! (44%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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Polling will continue until midnight of next Sunday (7/25). Don’t dawdle, this is going to be taken seriously and adapted to our format in the immediate future. The power is yours! Captain Planet! Yeahhh!

Use Your Keyboard to Yell at Us

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