To celebrate a half-year’s worth of podcasts, Brand, Josh, Tom, and Zack gather ’round the the giant stack of emails they’ve been sitting on and answer each and every one of them. Seriously. Get ready for two full hours of listener emails, answered in excruciating detail, and featuring a small, surprise guest at the very end who successfully derails the entire show!

Our questions this week:

0:04:35 – Billy asks us to choose one superpower

0:27:00 – Lance writes in to ask for more written content!

0:29:50 – Ben sent Josh info for a JKP Netflix account… what happened to that, Josh?

0:32:06 – Lianne writes in to say very complimentary things. Thanks, Lianne! Josh then immediately derails her nice email by being Josh.

0:34:50 – Billy writes in again, asking us to talk about the use of video games as learning tools

0:47:19 – INTERMISSION! On an email podcast!

0:50:50 – Billy answers Tom’s tweet about which games he’s been playing (and also earns an email-writing hat trick!)

0:53:56 – Tyler! Asks! What is! The Jump Kick Punch! Origin! Story!

1:01:48 – Cloud writes in for the first time to tell us how lackluster our content is. Hi, Cloud! Nice to meet you, too.

1:07:54 – Andrew lobs us a softball by asking us to share some of our best, personal anecdotes– starting with Zack’s infamous “Godzilla” commission from AWA of ’07

1:20:16 – Josh tells the story his first, last, (and worst) blind date

1:34:54 – It’s Brandon’s turn as he tells the story of his 11th-hour panic to retain a Cartoon Network internship back in ’06

1:48:00 – Just as Brandon is winding down… a roach crawls over his hand.

Paperboy says:

Extra, extra! To send Jump Kick Punch! a question or comment that you’d like to hear in a future podcast, you can email them at or use the convenient form located in the right-hand column. You can also call 404-99-PUNCH to leave a voicemail message that WILL appear in a future episode, or click on the voicemail widget in the right-hand column. I gotta’ get back to work, now! Ha haaa, fuck your windows, Mr. Andrews! I’m the fucking paperboy! Yeahhhh!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.30: Listener Emails, Godzilla’s Ass Edition!

  1. Tyler Crowley Jul 18, 2010

    when is it up on itunes?


  2. For once, I actually listened to an entire podcast, mainly just to re-hear Josh’s blind date story….I love that story. Also, I would love to write movie reviews in the future, just let me know when you guys want me to start. I was thinking about making Resident Evil: Afterlife my first review. Let me know if you guys like that idea. Anyway, Keep up the funny stuff on the site.


  3. So Josh sat on the Netflix codes until they were worthless. They had to be redeemed by June 15th or so and the conditions were nowhere near as entertaining as you speculated; free month, but they were no good for current or previous Netflix customers. I had offered them as potential prize fodder since you were having such difficulty giving away Canabalt. I even suggested a movie you could review back before the masses were begging for movie reviews.

    Great music choice during Josh’s story.


  4. Andrew Jul 19, 2010

    That was Fucking AWESOME!! What a great podcast!


  5. iTunes feed has been fixed, latest episode is now available through… that! Thing. Through iTunes.

    Go download it on iTunes.



  6. Billy Jul 24, 2010

    I finally found the article (well, one of the articles), that sparked the question about videogame learning tools:


  7. Angela Q Jul 30, 2010

    Do you have Godzilla picture posted anywhere? please say you do, the description of it made me laugh so hard, I just have to see it!


    • Zack literally just found it right before I read this comment. It will be scanned and posted.


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