Tom ain’t here, man… but Zack, Josh, and Brandon are! Time to talk about EVO matches, Capcom shenanigans, fanservice-filled game surveys, superhero movie costume reveals, and a recounting of some recent happenings relating to a familiar blue hedgehog. (You leave Brandon unsupervised, there’s going to be some Sonic conversation going on.)

Show highlights:

0:02:10 – We chime in on the bits of EVO that we saw, which leads to a discussion about fighting game strategies and the ignored potential of DLC roster additions

0:18:50 – Capcom has some tricks up its sleeve, such as a tease for a new fighting game experience to be announced at Comic-Con (fingers crossed for Darkstalkers?) and a bizarre trailer for Mega Man Universe, whatever the hell that is…

0:41:50 – Josh took Telltale’s Back to the Future Game survey a short while back, and it got him pretty excited!

1:06:22 – Intermission!

1:07:40 – As the allure of sleep knocks us down to two podcasters (bye Zack), Brandon and Josh stumble ever-onward to dissect the singular, promotional photo of Ryan Reynolds decked out as the official, movie-style Green Lantern

1:31:32 – JMS, the same man currently screwing with Wonder Woman’s origin, has started his concurrent run on Action Comics and has decided to have Superman walk across America– in a surprise twist, this might not be terrible!

1:44:38 – Meanwhile, Ken Penders, the man who drove the Archie-published Sonic the Hedgehog comic straight into the ground for over a decade, seeks legal means of reclaiming all of his old “creations” for several reasons that Josh and Brandon find hysterical

2:14:41 – SEGA is replacing a vast majority of the Sonic voice cast with some encouraging choices! Let’s talk about it! Because everyone is interested, surely.

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.31: Opening a Canon of Worms



  2. for you, BRANDON.


    • Now imagine H. Jon Benjamin’s voice coming out of THAT.

      Also, stop going off your medication, Tom. It is not even lunchtime.


      • Thing is, brandon, its impossible for me to imagine that. Like, I can’t even imagine it. He is either coach macguirk or archer. Sonic is too fast and to extreme in the wrong way to be H.Jon.


    • Shouldn’t his foot be a hole?


  3. I’m surprised you guys haven’t mentioned Rival Schools when talking about Capcom fighting games. Batsu and Akira have been in other fighting games besides their own titles. Anywho, that’s the one I want…


  4. Billy Jul 20, 2010

    I honestly think that Mega Man Universe, which I am very excited for because I am a fanboy (I even like the Battle Network series), is going to feature a lot of crossover moments. From the that Capcom released I think Mega Man is going to interact with other Capcom characters and copy such powers seen in the trailer, like Ryu’s fireball. Now this is a bit of a stretch, but maybe play as Mega Man throughout his graphical iterations as he meets other characters in chronological order, like 8-bit Mega Man meets up with Arthur, then Mega Man 7 tags with Ryu, and then Mega Man X 4 joins Chris Redfield, and so on and so forth.

    Okay, I’m just making this up and pulling out of my ass, but I think it would be cool!

    Then again I would like to see an online Mega Man game that lets you control your own robot and steal powers from other enemies, etc. And make it an 8-bit platform MMO that challenges multiple players at one time.

    “He went and rage-quit because of the wall spikes.”

    Oh, and that Green Lantern suit looks like they took part of The Guyver suit and painted it. I’m not a fan right now.


  5. Anthony Jul 22, 2010

    There was Rival Schools (It had two sequels)there first 3d fighter, I know most folks don’t care for that one, but it was fun. Loved the Captain America song.


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