The barbeque pits lie in ruins and the fun-sized-flags have been packed away for another year, but that won’t stop Brandon, Josh, and Tom from throwing their own Post-Independence-Day Podcast celebration. Why stop the party when there’s a Wonder Woman retcon, a Spider-Man casting announcement, and a new Miyamoto tease to talk about? Throw away those safety goggles and ignore all printed warning labels as we unleash our own dazzling brand of verbal fireworks upon your senses, which is the easily worst phrase on this site to date. We are smashing records and paving new ground all the damn time up in here.

Show highlights:

0:01:14 – Barely one minute into the podcast, and already things are falling apart in hysterical ways

0:02:30 – Wonder Woman has been redesigned in both origin and costume, and we take our time dissecting all the reasons that this was a bad idea

0:43:55 – Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-Man! Finally! Now, who the hell is Andrew Garfield! Question Mark! (Also, Tom has some choice words about the dudes what founded facebook.)

1:00:06 – On this special occasion, an abnormally long intermission!

1:01:43 – After some research, we continue and end our Spider-Man movie reboot discussion with an air of confidence and authority (no we don’t)

1:04:30 – The demo for Crackdown 2 is out, and guess who played it! Tom! Good answer! Thanks, me.

1:26:52 – Josh started playing Twilight Princess again just to prove a point, and that makes for a pretty good post-mortem discussion!

2:04:57 – Miyamoto wants to create a new character! Also, he likes swimming! Also, is there any chance a swimming-based Nintendo game won’t be terrible?

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.29: A Halo Made of Dogs

  1. I think I almost died a couple times in this podcast… damn you comic books…


  2. IIRC, “feety pants” is the technical term for the pant/shoe combination that Wonder Woman currently wears. Check out for more opinions, usually well thought out, on the redesign.

    So this Wonder Woman is basically Superman(orphan from a destroyed world, raised by humans, etc), mixed with later season’s Buffy. Maybe JMS is working from Whedon’s notes. Well, at least the built in end point means this will be temporary

    Rising Stars is the comic you cannot think of, Josh.

    JMS typically has 2 good things for every one bad thing. Wonder Woman and Superman are his highest profile things and they happening concurrently. I want to hope, but he is due for ass.

    Krypto needs to hang out with Spider-Ham type characters. Sometimes you can have fun stories with them, but they need to be used sparingly.

    Look up HEAT. People, for some fucking reason, cared a shit ton about Hal Jordan.


  3. Accursed typos:


  4. Ben, I remember HEAT. I think I was a member, actually. Way back in the day. I just loved Hal’s design, the books right before his whole Parallax deal happened were fun and really well drawn. I think HEAT wasn’t so much fans of Hal as they were opposed to the shitty way he was tossed aside and his shitty replacement. I would love to do an entire podcast about how much I hate Kyle Rayner and Terry McGinnis.


  5. Tyler Crowley Jul 8, 2010

    a quick anecdote:

    While watching the E3 press conferences this year, I would occasionally shout cool or interesting announcements to my brother who was off in another room, and when Skyward Sword’s trailer played i shouted “New Zelda. Link’s got Pants”


  6. I can understand the Kyle thing, but cannot agree. It was shitty how they dealt with the transition, but without Kyle I’m willing to be that we would have never gotten Green Lantern’s with the visually diverse styles we have now. Also remember Kyle did get raped. That has to make up for some things.

    For what its worth my daughter agrees with you about Terry McGinnis. Last time I tried watching Batman Beyond with her in the room he demanded that I instead watch the “big Batman when he wasn’t old.”


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