Happy Star Wars Day! Happy Iron Man 2 release weekend! Happy Kick-Ass reactions! Happy everything this week as all four JKP’ers (hahaha, “pee-ers”) gather ’round the laptop for a whopping 2.5 hours of nerd talk. Also: if the sound of a grown man cramming a fast food nightmare into his maw is up your alley, then welcome home.

Show highlights:

0:00:00 – It’s Star Wars Day, everybody! [Insert TERRIBLE pun here!]

0:03:21 – Iron Man 2 is out this weekend, making this the last opportunity for pre-release speculation. So let’s do that, heyyy how about it.

0:07:34 – J.J. Abrams has a shiny, new teaser before Iron Man 2, and it might be related to Cloverfield? But probably not? Anyway, let’s talk about forced sequels.

0:17:07 – Josh paves the way to the future by creating and eating a McGangBang, and it’s all captured through the magic of podcasting

0:21:00 – Zack and Tom plunge head-first into a Kick-Ass discussion, with spoilers aplenty

0:41:50 – Zack and Josh spar over comic writers from the UK and whether or not they’re intentionally trying to ruin superheroes for everybody like big stupid jerks

1:00:42 – Intermission!

1:02:11 – Christopher Nolan’s third Batman flick has a tentative release date of 2012, so let’s not waste any time and start nerding out about it NOW

1:09:21 – Zack has another fucking insane Japanese thing to talk about, so he does (NSFW, obviously– this is Zack/Japan we’re talking, here)

1:16:27 – Brandon has a fun game for all of you… listen in and then play along!

1:17:33 – A pretty awesome Street Fighter fan film is making the blog circuit, and we pretty much have to talk about it no matter what

1:29:18 – Halo Reach thoughts from Tom and some complaints/jokes about pitiful DLC

1:42:54 – Time for listener emails! And, this week, that means time for each of us to share of five favorite cartoon characters! (And man, do we ever)

2:22:10 – Now that we’re careening out of control in terms of running time, we’ve got one last letter with a topic that will have to wait until next week…

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12 comments on “JKP! Ep.18: Live Burger Atrocity

  1. this game is without question fantastic




  3. Showing up Frank Miller isn’t hard. His movie resume isn’t exactly stellar; The Spirit, Robocop 2 and 3 and 300.
    To his credit I don’t think The Spirit was his fault. The Spirit was marketed as a Sin City-esque dark action movie, but Miller made a movie more in keeping with the original Spirit comic; kinda campy and silly. If you want a modern 1960s Batman with some nice eye candy The Spirit is a decent movie, if you want a good movie look elsewhere.

    UK writers don’t really “get” superheroes; they aren’t as exposed to superheroes the way Americans are. How the UK writers deal with superheroes shows how good a writer they are. Ennis is great at doing the tear down, shitty hero stories, but he can also show the heros the respect many deserve. Compare how Green Lantern is treated in Hitman to how Superman is treated in that same series.
    Too often comic writers shove their own beliefs into the characters and events they write rather than writing the damn characters they have been hired to write. To Millar’s credit he at least tries, if the difference between his Marvel and non-Marvel work is anything to go by.

    I don’t get why it seems to be so damn hard to make a good Superman movie.

    The Sonic Challenge:
    Masters of the universe: http://ThatsMyTrunks.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Man-92215619
    Invader Zim: http://shadowsoldier247.deviantart.com/art/Invader-SONIC-108263784
    Final Fantasy: http://blizzardwolf.deviantart.com/art/Knux-Sephy-and-S-Sonic-Cloud-17697926
    Highlander: http://hannathehedgehog.deviantart.com/art/Highlander-134100448
    Ghostbusters: http://TARDISdude2k8.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Ghostbuster-134604555

    Impressive, but I feel I’ve disproved how complete the Sonic ruination goes. Following your rules for the Sonic fast food restaurant brings up no images related to the restaurant. Same with the Privateer Press games and Jump Kick Punch!. Sonic Voltron has no ruining pictures dealing with the P(on the first page, I cannot check any further while at work). Though now that I have shown this weakness someone will step up and fix it.

    There was an Inspector Gadget revamp in the works. It may have been scrapped since I haven’t heard much about it recently. Here’s some promo art:
    It is almost as bad as Sonic on Deviant Art.

    The new Looney Tunes designs are still very close to the classic look. Here’s the first redesign picture I could find.

    You mentioned Cheetara, so enjoy this:

    It so sad that Master Shake and Carl are so funny but Aqua Teen Hunger Force is so bad. Although I have a special personal hatred for that show which may color my views on that show.


    • It wouldn’t have anything to do with Lee not shutting up about it freshman year, would it?


  4. If Lee was spazzing out about the show freshmen year I’d be quite impressed since I never heard about Aqua Teen until Adul Swim debuted during our Sophmore year. Also if Lee was spazzing out about a talking shake, fries and meatball during freshmen year I’d chalk that up to Lee’s random spazzy nature more than knowing about the show.
    No, my reason has nothing to do with Lee, or even the sharp decline in quality the show experience around the time the movie came out. When Cartoon Network rejected my pitch they specifically mentioned Aqua Teen as filling a similar enough role in their schedule. So I decided that since cartoon network wanted me to blame aqua teen I’d oblige them. Since then I’ve had a rather irrational hatred for the show, and have wished terrible things on everyone involved with putting it on television. This week I’m thinking they need to be violently mouth raped by all the dicks while being punched in the taint.


    • Tom: it is advised that you take extra precautions to safeguard your taint. (I know you all already at a high alert level for this most days of the week, but you should probably step it up.)


  5. Josh and Ben: I’ve never been “that” big of a fan of Aqua Teen. I think it was a funny show like eight years ago, but it’s slowly become unfunny over the years. Also, Aqua Teen didn’t even air until I was a junior in college (you guys were sophomores that year). My point is that I didn’t talk about Aqua Teen during your freshman year, because it didn’t air until a year after that.


  6. Lee: You’re wrong. Aqua Teen’s declined in quality was anything but slow. One week it was funny, then I got my rejection letter and then it became damn near unwatchable and continued to get worse. I also pointed out that I didn’t think Aqua Teen appeared during my freshmen year in opposition to the libel Josh levied against your good name. I stand behind my characterization of your nature, at that point in your life, as “spazzy” though. To support such characterization I’ll remind you that you, briefly, blamed 9/11 on Japanese Zeros, thought Zelda as pop star and Link as her bodyguard would be a good movie(provided you could film on the Turner House bridge), and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BorQ_ULcvss.
    However, you and I are both incorrect about Aqua Teen’s premiere. According to Wikipedia Aqua Teen premiered in December of 2000, which have been in my Freshman, your Sophomore, year. I doubt anyone I know managed to catch it during that broadcast, but it could have happened.


  7. I never once said or thought that 911 was caused by Japanese Zeros. You guys put words in mouth on that one, I don’t even know who started that rumor. Anyway, you’re right about the Zelda thing though, I had some bad ideas back then.


  8. Andrew May 13, 2010

    Actually in the comic book of kick ass, When he gets hit by the car he wakes up in the hospital and is panicked about what his dad must think about him and his suit, and his dad asks him why did the ambulance find him naked. And kick ass remembers that even after getting hit by a car he takes off the suit and throws it in nearby bushes. Learn to read n00bs


    • I am unsure of which Andrew this is, and the fact that any of them would write this kind of makes me sad.


  9. Andrew May 14, 2010

    who says you know me i found you referenced from someone else


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