Lost is over, and we can finally move on as a people… but before we do, it’s time for Tom, Brandon, and special guest Heidi to work together and answer some lingering mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown style! Then, after a short break, we flash sideways to a different half of the show where Brandon, Zack, and Josh talk about their personal favorite 2D fighters.
Show highlights:
0:02:10 – Have you guys seen this show ‘Lost‘? It’s pretty amazing.
0:15:50 – Brandon, without seeing it with his own eyes, attempts to summarize the finale based on recaps he’s read and conversations he’s overheard
0:29:50 – Brandon, Tom, and Heidi leap headfirst into a compiled list of remaining questions
1:09:25 – Intermission!
1:11:46 – Brandon runs down a list of top-rated series finales, where Lost is ranked #55
1:18:05 – Josh grabs a glass of Kool-Aid and waxes enthusiastic over the announcement of an impending Mass Effect movie
1:29:28 – Listener mail! Billy asks about our personal favorite 2D fighters, and away we go!

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9 comments on “JKP! Ep.21: Pube’d Too Hard

  1. Jack wins all fights ever. Ryu doesn’t have a diagonal fireball, he’s fuckin’ done for.


  2. I’ve never watched Lost. I never intend to watch Lost. However, I’m quite impressed by the mental gymnastics fans go through to come up with answers to the story lines that the writers dropped or lazily decided not to answer. I love how lots of the people, at least at my office, who are speculating on the unanswered Lost things are people who look down on comic books, video games and other “nerdly” media as poorly written, illogical, and incomprehensible.

    Josh, you’re pulling a lot more hope from the Mass Effect crew announcement than is warranted. Legendary Pictures includes Superman Returns, The Ant Bully, Lady in the Water, Beerfest, New Clash of the Titans and the awful looking Jonah Hex(though I’d love to be wrong about it). No amount of Batmans, undoes that abortion of a resume. Mark Protosevich’s, the Thor writer who has been attached to Mass Effect, doesn’t have a stellar track record. The Cell? Poseidon? I am Legend? None of these are especially good. Poseidon and I Am Legend are especially noteworthy because of how divergent they are from their source material. Why will he pick now to remain faithful to the source?
    Voice actors for real actors isn’t as easy as you think. Sure the voice actors can convey the emotion vocally, but are they competent physically? Sure you can Darth Vader up the roll, but why do that if you don’t need to? As a major studio would you trust Tali, likely a major role in your multi million dollar movie, to an actress whose last credited on screen role was on fucking Walker Texas Ranger? Mass Effect may have sold millions, but how much more marketable is the movie to the general public if, for example, Will Smith gets the lead? Mass Effect has a fan base. The studio just has to try hard enough to not lose all of them so that is exactly how hard it will try for them. The non-Mass Effect crowd is a much larger audience so the studio will make a movie that will appeal to them with a bit of fan service thrown in.


  3. Also, unless I missed it the 5th episode streak has been broken. For shame.


    • The 5th episode streak has, indeed, been broken. Zack was very upset to realize this almost immediately after we finished recording that second half.


  4. Billy May 28, 2010

    I can’t comment on “Lost” since the only episode I watched was the finale with my parents. I don’t watch much TV, so I’m “meh” about it.

    I remember “Evil Zone.” Yeah, the story and characters were hilarious, which makes it that much better.

    I believe my favorite 2D fighter is the Guilty Gear series, especially “Guilty Gear: Accent Core Plus.” It’s a very technical game and very fast, which I like. And then all the small details that they put into the visuals make it that much more fun, like all the small dolls that Faust throws will change into mini versions of other characters; or, using Faust again, whenever he uses the afro bomb Overdrive each character has their own special afro. It’s all those small details that make me appreciate 2D fighters, especially sprites, because you know the creators had to painstakingly create each sprite. And that is something to commend. Of course I appreciate 3D visuals like “Super Street Fighter 4” (referred to as 2.5D; or 3D visuals on a 2D plane), which are fantastic, yet I go back to the 2D because of the work put into them.

    (It’s a shame that Blazblue wasn’t the game many hoped it would be.)

    I have a love/hate relationship with MUGEN. I like that you can take any character and put them into one game, and it makes for fun battles. But the problems are that sometimes you get too caught up putting in too many characters, that most of the characters aren’t compatible with one another (ex: Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat), most of the characters released (if any) are imbalanced, and the community isn’t that well responsive, especially when there are accusations of stealing other works and incomplete projects. I’m not a pro player of the sort (like Wong or Daigo), but I do like to have a game that is as balanced as possible. But then the real argument is that the players are what makes a game imbalanced. So, I shouldn’t bash on a game like “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” that intentionally have characters that are better than others, but when there is an open ended game that relies on the community to produce major components I have to frown upon such distorted balances.

    Unfortunately, I never had the chance to play “Rival Schools: Project Justice,” but I love the first Rival Schools. An update wouldn’t be a bad idea, but that’s never going to happen. I really want to play the sequel.

    A couple of other fighters I like are “Gundam Battle Assault 2” and “Capcom vs. SNK 2.” Gundam was basically fanservice for me because I really like the series and giant robots. Mechanics like limited ammo, limited supers, and use of thrusters were interesting. CvsS2 is a fun game for the large roster and the ratio system. It’s predecessor was also fun, but being able to select four ratio 1 characters was overwhelming, thus the limit of three characters in the second game was a good change. Also, the six different groove styles are a nice feature. What do you say to a Ratio 4, K-Groove Zangief? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Finally, while I mentioned that Guilty Gear was my favorite, I believe the best 2D fighting game has to be Street Fighter III: Third Strike. It’s visually appealing, a large character roster, a very technical game with a good amount of mechanics, and still played nearly a decade later. I have to nitpick on one thing though: there are only 4 characters from the original Street Fighter line-up, including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Akuma. The only reason the game has the name is because of those four characters, although I’m sure it wouldn’t have received the recognition it has earned without the reputation. That’s all.

    I’ll send another question later.


    • Yes! 3rd Strike! That was the first thing I asked Brandon when I talked to him Post-recording. “did anyone say third strike?” I love that game.


  5. Andrew May 30, 2010

    GG:ACP is definitely a favorite if not my favorite fighter of all time. Blazblue Calamity Trigger is a lot of fun to me, but it doesn’t have that guilty gear feel which is good because its becoming its own game but if it isnt up to par with the gameplay of guilty gear it still feels disappointing. A favorite because of my memories with it was Eternal Champions for Sega genesis.


  6. Andrew May 30, 2010

    Oh and post the newest terrible cutscene


  7. Ben, I gotta disagree with you. They can have Will Smith as the lead all the livelong day as far as I care. I genuinely don’t care who Shepard is. Male, Female, whatever.

    Like I said, these actors conveying emotion on screen is moot, since they’re going to be voicing CG/faceless things. There’s no reason to not get Liz Sroka for Tali because she’s good, cheap, knows the character, and all you see of her character is a pane of glass. The only non-cg/suit characters that I can think of that would play themselves are David Kieth as Captain Anderson (And everyone knows that man can act) and Seth Green as Joker (he’s been in several movies too).

    The only one who’s iffy is Raphael Sbarge as Kaiden, because I have no idea if he can do anything other than voice acting, even though he sort of look like Kaiden. The only person I would totally replace is Liara, because her voice actress fucking sucks and she was modeled after a different actress anyway.


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