Avengers casting rumors, Marvel’s ridiculous post-mortem retconning of the Sentry’s legacy, and, in response to a listener email, we discuss our top five personal favorite anime titles. (Why is the podcast late, you ask? Because shut up, that’s why.)

Show highlights:

0:01:47 – Nathan Fillion might be cast as egotistical superscientist/wife-beater Hank Pym in the Avengers movie? Does God have a crush on us or something?

0:06:00 – Marvel’s Siege has ended with the largely typical wet fart that has become their major-event trademark, and the most laughable part was far and away the Sentry’s funeral… Josh and Zack elaborate!

0:29:30 – The entire world may have already had their say about Just Cause 2, but Josh just got his hands on the game for real so he is going to share his thoughts, god dammit

0:37:02 – What is Mega Man Online? Is it an actual MMO? Is it tied into Mega Man Universe? Is there ANY chance for it to be good?

0:43:14 – Rocket Knight came out, and it is really good! All, like, two hours of it. Awwwww.

0:55:00 – Intermission! (Featuring recommended music from Tom by Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew)

0:58:10 – At listener Andrew’s request, we take turns listing our five personal favorite anime titles… for the entire second half!

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.20: Fivever

  1. Andrew May 23, 2010

    So is that picture Zack top left, Josh top right, Tom bottom left, and Brendon bottom left? and did one of you draw it?


  2. Back in the 90’s Juggernaut helped topple a good sized chunk of one of the Twin Towers and laughed about it. http://www.spideykicksbutt.com/DeepThoughts/SpiderManand911G.jpg. Yet 9/11 rolls around and he gets all sad about it.
    So is this a 9/11 themed podcast now? Will all future podcasts begin or end with 9/11 related topics? If so gutsy move reminding people of that day before or after an hour or so of hilarity. Hope it works out for you.


  3. Billy May 24, 2010

    Yeah, pineapple is my favorite fruit. A good dessert is a bowl of fresh pineapple chunks (cut, not canned), then plop a good amount of Greek yogurt over the fruit (it’s a healthier variation to most yogurt out there), and then drizzle some honey over the top. Mix it together and enjoy!


  4. James Jul 2, 2010

    Great pod-cast guys, I’ve been listening to your archive while working all week but I thought you should see this if you haven’t seen it yet. It relates to the Lost Island on Just Cause 2. I’m sure Tom will like it.

    By the way Tom is my favourite, keep up the fun and optimism.

    Enjoy yourselves.


  5. James Jul 2, 2010

    Ok, I’m an idiot forgot the link which was the whole point.

    If when I catch up to date your still wanting emails I’ll think of something witty to ask.

    Oh and Brandon if you ever have time do catch up with One Piece it’s so good right now, the latest one left me in actual tears.


  6. That LOST island stuff in Just Cause 2 made me flip out when I saw it! SO AWESOME!


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