There’s a whole lot of dudes-in-helmets talk going on this week as Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack discuss their thoughts on Iron Man 2, Mega Man fan efforts, new impressions of Halo: Reach, and answer some more listener mail! You guys spoil us. (DON’T STOP.)

Show highlights:

0:00:52 – Iron Man 2! A lot of spoiler-heavy Iron Man 2 discussion! Yeah!

0:13:50 – Zack went back to read the infamous Trial of superheroic wife-beater Hank Pym, and boy is that ever a funny “saga”

0:27:07 – Aaaaand back to Iron Man 2

0:32:00 – Mega Man fans were treated to a 90-minute fan film that’s pretty damn impressive, but still largely terrible

0:42:10 – Tom has played a fair amount of Halo: Reach since last week, and has really warmed up to it. Tell us how excited you are, Tom! (Spoiler: very very.)

0:50:56 – Intermission!

0:51:23 – Listener mail! Time to finally answer Steven’s question from last week about our personal choices for best game consoles/hendhelds of all time. Turns out we can all talk a lot about that.

1:29:51 – Tyler asks us what we think the career paths of our alternate-universe-evil-twins are

1:37:20 – A perfectly normal outro somehow derails into an entirely unexpected reflection on our individual 9/11 “where were you” moments. (We are as surprised as you are, listener.)

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.19: Japanese Zeroes

  1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is responsible for the 9/11 derailment at the end. I’ll provide documentation if you need it.


  2. Andrew May 16, 2010

    To zack, The iron man looks like Sigers, the middle one looks like jacob to me, and the last one looks like thomas way younger a little bit. But that first one really looks like matthew.


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