Our nerdy quartet is back at full strength after two weeks of absences, and just in time to discuss the final chapter of DC’s Blackest Night. We also talk about more terrible and unavoidable Star Wars projects, forums spoiling the entirety of Sonic 4, and how gee-dee crazy Frank Miller is. Also-also, more emails– this time with questions!

Show highlights:

0:01:18  –  DC’s Blackest Night is over, and an appropriately wide range of emotions is the result!

0:27:05  –  Suddenly: an adorable bunny

0:30:36  –  Bruce Wayne? Coming back? Get outta town.

0:34:12  –  All-Star Batman & Robin is changing its name to Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, which is just sad and funny and sad, also pathetic (and sad)

0:39:04  –  No no, Bunny! Awwww, bunny.

0:40:30  –  Talkin’ ’bout Jim Lee segues to talkin’ ’bout DC Universe segues to talkin’ ’bout MMO’s in general

0:47:15  –  Red Letter Media’s Attack of the Clones review is long, but a pretty entertaining watch

1:00:15  –  Is there any chance in hell that a Star Wars sitcom that’s NOT Chad Vader could be any good? Spoiler warning: no.

1:09:28  –  Intermission!

1:10:27  –  So these videos of ALL of Sonic 4 leaked onto the internet, and the Sonic fan community continues to sabotage itself to the surprise of absolutely no one

1:27:30  –  From a listener’s perspective, Zack apparently loses his mind

1:27:59  –  More emails! We answer many questions that vary in quality, as do the answers

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.14: Colon Boy Wonder

  1. Here, enjoy some Superman looking like Moses with guns:

    In case you want to buy it(doubtful):

    And some other Superman related things:

    You should write up some of your Vader skit ideas and pitch them to Cartoon Network. It doesn’t seem to take much to get a nice hand written rejection level(I’ve got 2!), and you have an inside man to try greasing the wheels for you.

    Jackie Chiles is indeed the lawyer from Seinfeld. Perhaps I’m wrong but I thought you people have internet access. None are so obscure that a quick Googling won’t tell you everything you need to know. Hell, IMDB probably would be enough. However, I’ll include footnotes next time, and there will be a next time.

    Rawhide Kid is Marvel so he could be hiding in western zombie world. Speaking of “Meat Eating jokes” you should make someone watch Otto. You can get it through Netflix’s instant play.


  2. The Superman w/ a beard and gun is called “At Earth’s End.” If you hate yourself you can buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Superman-Earths-End-T-Veitch/dp/156389243X

    Though these are the only panels you need:
    Those silhouettes he is shooting are both Hitler.

    Have some more Superman based hilarity:

    You should write up the Vader skits and submit them to the Adult Swim/Robot Chicken people. Worst case scenario you’ll get a rejection letter. The ones they sent me were handwritten and I didn’t have a man on the inside.

    There were a lot of Legion of Superheroes characters on that list, but that was because my parents hated me and bought me most of those DCs Who’s Who handbook type comics. Legion based characters were so numerous that most of the entries were about them and their incalculable lameness.

    Not all the characters are from comic books. For example, Jackie Chiles is the lawyer from Seinfield and Jeff Winger is the lawyer from Community. The podcast isn’t limited to just comics so why should questions be limited to just comic books? I tried to make the match ups broad enough that you didn’t need to be a walking comic book encyclopedia to participate.

    Are any of the characters really that obscure or do you not know how to work Google, or IMDB? I suppose you could just not care enough to Google them, but that doesn’t mesh with the begging for emails you’ve done. So maybe you’re just too lazy. I assume you’re all too busy with your jobs to find any Googling time. If only one of you had an almost unemployed amount of free time. Let me know which ones are giving you trouble and I can fill you in.

    I’ll save you some time and include footnotes next time. There will be a next time, but it will take awhile. It took the better part of all five of your episodes to compile this list, and I doubt I’ll get another together any quicker.


  3. We should have hopped on Google to find out who those people were, but in order for us to keep Ghost Robot Voice to a minimum, we turn wireless internet off, and we only printed out the emails during the intermission.

    But regardless, you write us an email, we’ll read it on the air. We may not read ALL of it, so if you basically want to call us gay you’ll have to get right to the point, but we will read it.

    As for the Adult Swim submission, the only thing I’ll say is that our crew has some irons in the fire and people on the inside. Anyone who listens to JKP will be the first to know if anything happens. For what it’s worth Ben, Lee always said that your submissions getting rejected was a fucking crime.


  4. I don’t know whats worse: the double post, the rather embarassing quality difference between the two or that I forgot to recommend making someone watch Otto in the second one.


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