Zack and Josh celebrate the release of Super Street Fighter IV by playing the game LIVE! Meanwhile, Brandon is apparently trying to do a podcast or something? Who knows. Enjoy this very special (and quite possibly terrible) episode!

Show highlights:

0:00:53 – Super Street Fighter IV, yeah!

0:14:23 – Brandon, Zack doesn’t want to “chime in” on Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he has SFIV in his hands

0:25:28 – There’s more non-SFIV Capcom news, if you guys… if you guys want to talk about it… so… no? Okay.

0:38:58 – Our earliest intermission ever!

0:40:30 – Tyler sent us some more emails, and we answer them with gusto! First up, a question for Zack…

1:02:20 – Josh shares the single greatest idea he has ever had in his life

1:18:58 – We take turns revealing our greatest guilty pleasures

1:33:00 – Brandon reads an email from Ben a bewildered and frightened Doctor who is a real person, really

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.17: We Have No Shame

  1. I can only claim that e-mail by proxy. I recommended the podcast to a co-worker, and he told me he was going to do something like that. I believe him to be responsible for Russian Guyovich as well, though I haven’t cared enough to ask.


  2. Now that I’ve listened to the episode:

    This “experimental” play as you podcast thing, not that great. Maybe as a segment in the future where you quick fire questions at people as they play, but not as a full podcast feature.

    Green Hornet, get ready to be disappointed. It apparently is more like The Spirit in that it is a campy romp through the world of the Green Hornet. Sony is less than happy about it.
    That might not be the most reliable news source, but it was the first I could find.

    Powerpuff Girls and the Family Guy of cartoons were all one guy’s one idea that their creators kept throwing against the wall until they stuck. Bushido Clown guy might be attempting to find success that way.

    Secret Origin of Dogwelder:

    I wish I could claim that letter; it sounds like it would have been a constructive use of my free time at work(at least compared to what I actually do).


    I am filled with the knowings! Of people and things and mailings! HAPPY! Now you have the knows of me also, too?

    Why you invite 4 street fighter to you home? I seen street fights, them bad mans. They break your couch, tables, barrels, uterus and car. Is you street nuf to scare them to submission like dogs? You black? How also do 7 mans fit into a home, also when 4 are burly street fighteers? Or you having big rich man houses?

    Why not you make killing of a Jeff Lobe? I have peplle whyou are de scretes. am he not worth 2 bullet?

    Jetboy? I seen movie like taht. had werewolf playing basketball. Called Wolf Teen 2. So good. You make draws or makeing movie? i buy!

    Zak win street fight during podcast? against a 4 ofs thm? and he tlk durings the fights? Him must be manly man of legends. Why he am not run podcastings? Why not you fear hims muchly?

    Dtcoor makes awsme insults! Him are fun. Hims coming back


  4. jumpkickpunch May 3, 2010

    Rest easy-- the “live play” aspect of this episode is a feature that will not be returning. (As much fun as it would be to hear Josh punch a hole through their new television, it did not make for a great recording.)


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