Joss Whedon’s Avengers, Batman’s animated legacy, Coco on TBS, and Seth MacFarlane hate boners are just a few of the featured discussions this week in an episode so great that it took two extra days to edit. Not because Brandon was busy. And tired. Shhhhhh, don’t worry about it.

Show highlights:

0:01:20 – Gears of War 3 has been announced for next year, and it features GIRLS!? WHAAAAT!?

0:09:38 – Josh and Zack absolutely hate Batman Brave & the Bold, but Brandon and Tom think that’s stupid

0:20:25 – 3/4ths of us have seen How to Train Your Dragon, and it is wholly recommended!

0:25:38 – We join hands and praise South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who are still going strong

0:32:05 – Seth MacFarlane is making his first theatrical movie, and Brandon does not even try to hide his hate boner

0:48:25 – Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie is a thing that is really going to exist for real! (His head’s so big because of all the dreams inside.)

0:59:44 – Intermission!

1:00:35 – It’s been a while since we checked in on Marvel’s Dark Reign… what’s up with that story?

1:28:49 – Conan O’Brien is with TBS! One of us works there! I’ll bet that’s funny… unlike TBS.

1:47:20 – We answer another reader question from last week, taking turns to recall our earliest/most important video game memories

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.15: Oh Shit, Video Games

  1. I recently watch season one of The Brave and the Bold, and I cannot call it a bad show. For the kids, and Lee, its brightly colored people hitting each other and doing wacky things. For older people its fun to watch Batman belittle and mock both his friends and enemies. Watch the Robin episode and just look for the points where Batman verbally dick slaps everyone. It starts with a flashback that shows Batman encouraging Robin in his attempts to mock the guy they just blinded(Batman also one-ups Robins joke on the cripple). Later Batman chastises Robin for mocking the villian. Robin starts running into a trap. Batman’s warning it the most emotionless warning I can remember hearing. Robin makes a brilliant deduction, Batman rewords Robins statement, takes the credit for himself and stuffs Robin in the sidekick chair. Most episodes of this show have Batman mocking his “friends,” often in their face. It isn’t a great show, but watch it, at least season one, for Batman showing how big an asshole he can be.

    Its good to hear that How to Train Your Dragon is a good movie because the character design, at least for the main dragon, is lazy. The guy who designed this also designed Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I discovered this after a brief Googling when my 3 year-old daughter told me she wanted to watch the “Dragon Stitch movie.” Props to Chris Saunders for being able to sell his shit fairly reliably, but when a three year old can see your lazy character design you might need to try harder.

    Speaking of a guy w/ one idea that he keeps trying….

    Flashforward isn’t a great show, but it did have Seth MacFarland in a reoccuring role. I say did because he was recently killed. Watching that clip was very cathartic, and highly recommended. American Dad is the Family Guy that least relies on the Family Guy Reference Frenzy formula. The worst part is that they don’t seem to be hiring young enough writers for their target audience. People old enough to understand the All in the Family end credits, for example, are usually old enough to call Family Guy on its bullshit story structure. A younger writing staff would probably be able to break from the formula more often. Sadly the Reference Frenzy Formula has proven successful enough to find its way into movies like Meet the Spartans, Superhero Movie and Disaster Movie. Uncanceling Family Guy gave Seth the comedy equivalent of Papal Infallibility. If only Fox would have bestowed that on a deserving guy, perhaps Joss Whedon?

    Dollhouse is a dramatically uneven viewing experience. Fox wanted a client of the week show, Joss wanted a Lost-esque story where each episode built up a mythos. The conflict, and some rather poor casting choices, left the series feeling directionless. Fox should have just bought Human Target, that was the show they wanted.
    I worry a little about Joss’ ability to direct good action scenes, but he is going to have enough money to throw at it until it is good.


    • I don’t think The Brave and the Bold is a bad show, because it’s well done. Like I said, the subject matter is balls. It’s silver age Batman, right down to the Dick Sprang Joker, and all of that garbage needs to be erased from history. Comics as a medium needs to forget a time when there was a Beppo the Supermonkey, just like they need to forget the time they need to forget there was a character named Shatterstar. In my mind, there is no difference between a well done Silver Age Batman show and a well done 90’s show. It’s trying to make a sculpture out of feces. You might be able to make a pretty good shit bust, but it would have been a whole lot better had you just used some good, solid clay in the first place.


  2. I am making the love for you casting pods in the intrenat boxe.
    When the fat one talks about his fun time! Other workers stare at my giggles. I tell them “Punch Kick Jump!” and they fear. Some make listens to you now. Welcome!
    I am enjoying the thoughts of chainsawing women in games. Not enough violance on women. Love cutting them to smallness. Silly cunts. Die now. mother!
    Is Batman the one who is blind and lawyer? Fuck that guy. I am making the hate for lawyers and lawyers charactes in the fictions. Hates. Hates ever and back.
    What is a South Park? Is a place? Is nice? I have park to east. East Park is dangerous park. Much drugs and guns and loose womens. I dislike the men who make it. No understand praise for park builders.
    Hahaha. I also am knowing a Seth. He was bad mans. Him threat dogs and shoot firends. Was arrested until Lawyers. Will hati this Seth too. We hat together! We bestest hate buds.
    Why such love for avengers movie? Girl was hot, but bears in factory? Directed by vampire guy? Did need remake so soon?
    Orborne sounds such a bad man, why the Obama not fire him like he did Bush? Dose the Osbornes have the blackmails? Why he not sail it to the Rushbos and Hannitize? Is him not feared of the Ironmans?

    Sncie weare well made feinrds you can make visits to my pages and leave the comments? I give rewards and credit to posting.


  3. Oh, I wanted to add about Joss: Why in the fuck is he still dealing with Fox? He’s a household name. Will literally no one else listen to him? Shit, you’d think he’d talk to USA or some other network that literally has nothing. Someone like them would probably be all “Oh god yes, you can do whatever you want, anything to keep us from running Timecop over and over”. Joss is also hit or miss as hell. Every frame of Buffy was garbage, but Firefly was show of the year all years. Dollhouse isn’t worth the time it takes to find out if this week is going to be shit or not, but his actual comics work has been pretty good.


  4. Batman: B&TB is brilliant. I said it. I have an unabashed affection for its pure retro cheese that makes me feel warm and squishy inside. It doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s fun as hell.

    If you have trouble appreciating it, look at it from Grant Morrison’s perspective (unrelated specifically to B&TB, but still applicable):

    “I like to pretend that every story that ever happened to Batman was real and is part of this one guy’s life. Even the Adam West Batman – let’s just say there’s this one year where Batman and Robin were out living this crazy and kooky life, and while the criminals were out killing people, they were just acting like lunatics. The next year might be the Neal Adams Batman – suddenly Robin’s gone and we have a more brooding Batman.

    We’ve seen his origin scene a thousand times, we’ve seen his parents getting killed – I thought to myself, “What part of Batman’s life haven’t we talked about for a long time?” And it was those weird 1950s adventures or the Adam West Batman that everyone thought was really uncool when Chris Nolan’s movies came along. Batman comics used to be brightly colored! Batman would fight aliens!”

    I agree with the Grant man. There’s something there that is interesting that shouldn’t be pushed under the rug.


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