Tom has returned from PAX East with glorious tales of games, games, and more games! Zack sits this one out while while Brandon and Josh extract the precious memories from Tom’s brain. We also clue him in on some stuff he missed while he was gone, and– to top it off– we finally answer some emails! At last, VALIDATION!

Show highlights:

0:01:11 – Tom’s back and we’re jealous of the fun times he had! Also we talk about that dipshit thief who utterly failed

0:13:31 – Tom jumps into a bevy of descriptions of allll the games he played, starting with Breach!

0:15:33 – Monday Night Combat sounds pretty rad

0:17:30 – Some recent releases were also on display, including Heavy Rain and FFXIII

0:31:23 – Tom loves him some Shank

0:35:07 РRacing meets explosions in Split/Second Velocity

0:39:27 – APB tickles our fancies!

0:44:00 – Is Crackdown 2 going to be a big ol’ disappointment? PERHAPS

0:47:47 – Intermission!

0:48:15 – Tom moves on to some of the indie games that were present, like Slam Bolt Scrappers, the hard-to-pronounce Miegakure, and a skydiving game I won’t even try to name here

1:00:31 – Tom did NOT play Red Dead Redemption, but let’s kinda’ talk about it anyway

1:02:52 – We want to know more about general PAX stuff that happened, Tom! Tell us more!

1:20:45 – WHILE TOM WAS GONE… Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was officially revealed, and boy are we surprised!

1:36:35 – Brandon fits in two things, a new trailer for Mario Galaxy 2 and leaked gameplay vids of Sonic 4!

1:52:12 – Would you believe that we got our first two emails? BELIEVE IT!

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.13: PAX On, PAX Off

  1. “Back in the day, and I’m dating myself here…”

    Well, I suppose someone has to.


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