Because that last contest was… not the best.

April 9, 2010

Due to the huge success of the last contest (A.K.A no one really… followed it…) I’m trying out this new contest.

Click below for the details!

Every week for the next 5 weeks I’ll be giving out a game for the iPhone/iTouch. No I’m not talking about B.S. apps like a finger print scanner or fart simulator… I’m talking real games. For everyone that comments in the posts for this week’s podcast (Colon Boy Wonder) or follows us on twitter and RTs the new post ( I will take that name down and a random winner will be announced next show!

The winner this week will receive the game Canabalt ( created by Indie Dev Adam Atomic (Music by Danny B.) His game is terribly addictive and is usually a go-to for me when I’m waiting for the podcast to start.

So did you like the end of Blackest Night? JEM or Hanna Montana? Did you like Episode 2 of Star Wars? Your thoughts on that fantastic cart level in Sonic 4? Whatever comes to mind, comment in the April 6th podcast post!

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7 comments on “Because that last contest was… not the best.

  1. No one? None of you wanted to put a sentence down that gave you a fifty percent chance of winning something free. Literally just a sentence. It could have been “Josh needs to suck dicks in hell” and that could have won you a free, sweet game.

    We apparently literally cannot pay people to give us attention. On the plus side, congratulations Ben.


  2. Would it make you feel better if I spammed the site w/ comments under a series of fake names? Work is slow enough to make that easy.


  3. We’d just think you were a Russian spammer.


  4. Vickaronomie Apr 25, 2010

    I don’t have an iPhone. I have a Tracfone. Can you buy me an iPhone so you can buy me the game when I win? I’ll win I just know it.

    Man, you guys don’t have many followers, do you?

    I’ll follow you.

    I’ll follow you.


  5. Josh Sibley needs to suck dicks in hell!


  6. I love you guys and I love the bands you like!!

    Are you a Chinese farmer? LFG 4 HOH


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