After two months of stumbling in the dark, our quartet has finally figured out how to get through an entire podcast with zero technical difficulties. This landmark occasion spotlights discussions on how to fix an awful Brendan Fraser movie, oily Turks, and the thirteenth Final Fantasy. Also, it ends with Transformers. You kids like Transformers?

Show highlights:

0:01:00  –  We kick things off by talking about the Game Developer’s Conference and the Oscars. Guess which one of those we care about!

0:13:40  –  Brandon made a super-gay shirt that you can buy, but he also has to lie to America

0:23:25  –  The internet says a bunch of dudes are auditioning to be Captain America, and all of them are terrible

0:33:50  –  Remember Meteor Man and Blankman? Zack and Brandon do, sort of!

0:36:05  –  Hey, Zack! What’s up with Deadpool?

0:51:02  –  The last new character for Super Street Fighter IV has been revealed, and he is a masterpiece

1:01:47  –  Intermission!

1:02:20  –  Tom’s showin’ off the Blur beta, and it looks pretty neat!

1:13:34  –  We take turns remembering some obscure and unexpected multiplayer modes from the past

1:17:25  –  Final Fantasy XIII’s mere existence excites some, bugs others

1:31:00  –  Brandon and Zack also remember Brave Fencer Musashi! Nostalgia engines are firing on all cylinders tonight!

1:37:12  –  Josh talks about the big Infinity Ward snafu from last week and the result of Ubisoft’s aforementioned (and now completely failed) DRM strategy

1:57:41  –  Transformers: War for Cybertron is not depressing, and we are SUPER PUMPED! Except for Josh, kinda!

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.10: The Real Furry Vengeance

  1. Sarah Mar 12, 2010

    When your talking about huge money making things owned by Activision, They own Blizzard too, its not like they’re hurting for nerds ready to give them money.


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