While Zack is away, Brandon, Josh, and Tom find the strength to carry on with discussions about tonally neutered cartoon characters, good shows precariously held by incapable hands, and earning gamer points for writing letters to grandma. Don’t worry… it’s still too long.

Show Highlights:

0:01:20  –  Tom likes the Lost recap from geekbox.net, but Brandon likes an old Star Wars retelling better

0:03:27  –  Tom doesn’t really want to talk about Lost, though

0:05:00  –  So we describe funny internet videos we’ve seen, like this and this and this

0:15:10  –  George Lopez is making a god damned Speedy Gonzales movie and we can pretty much tell you how that’ll work out

0:36:12  –  Brandon is concerned about the fate of Adventure Time

1:02:30  –  Intermission!

1:03:00  –  We give thanks to our one iTunes review, courtesy of a guy whose name Tom and Brandon forgot

1:05:53  –  Go read AXE COP, among other things

1:08:35  –  We all make jerk-off motions in response to The Only Thing I Know

1:19:39  –  We all earn 500 points for making jerk-off motions, or we WOULD if life was a video game

1:33:23  –  Nintendo’s latest press event is only applicable to Brandon

1:42:21  –  Josh follows up an earlier, written rant by sharing the game industry’s reaction to EA’s $10 Initiative

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.8: Link Sync Pop-Tart

  1. Typically your podcasts have four segments: TV/Movie, Comic Books, Video Games and News/Random. Each segment is roughly an hour, so with just a bit more content each could be its own podcast episode. Maybe you should talk more on each segment and then edit them into their own episode and release all the episodes over the course of a week?
    Its more work for whoever does the editing, but that guy is the minority so fuck him by putting it to a vote.


    • That’s a great idea except for a couple of niggling little details: Brandon pretty much runs this entire show. It’s ridiculous how much of the workload he shoulders. He edits, emcees, and organizes. Pretty much the only thing he doesn’t do is the Twitter account and move my mouth for me. That compiled with his regular workload means this is pretty much all he’s got time to do.

      Another hurdle we’d have to overcome is that often, we don’t know what the hell we’re going to talk about until we all sit down and throw a list together on notebook paper about five minutes before we record. Some weeks we have lots of game news to talk about, sometimes it’s comics. Sometimes there’s lots to talk about, sometimes we have to fill it up with insanity.

      We could split it up, but it would irregular at best. I’ll let the other guys know about this suggestion though. Maybe Tom could split it up into bits?

      I will say that with our new recording, we literally had a timer going. We gave ourselves 2 hours tops and came in a little under, I think by about ten minutes. I don’t think that the podcast is ever going to be any shorter than that.


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