A much more successful recording session makes for one of our most laid-back, conversational podcasts yet. Join our heroes as they laugh their way through a barrage of forthcoming game sequels, share some fabulous stories from the world of retail, and squeal like girls over the latest superhero happenings.

Show highlights:

0:00:51  –  None of us are watching the Winter Olympics

0:05:10  –  Tom paid attention to X10! Now he knows about Fallout: New Vegas

0:15:56  –  News of Fable III brings back some fond memories of Fable II

0:34:50  –  We discuss a double-dose of impending sequels in both Dead Rising 2 and Crackdown 2

0:44:06  –  Three more Super Street Fighter IV characters were revealed, and none of them were Skullomania

1:02:29  –  Intermission!

1:02:41  –  Brandon somehow sparks an Eternal Champions conversation, despite not knowing what that is

1:09:06  –  Josh dishes on Ubisoft’s completely retarded DRM plans

1:17:37  –  Internet pirates make us flash back to some great moments in witnessing failed retail heists

1:34:30  –  Cap’n America is back! Sort of? And Zack does not like that, no sir.

1:54:12  –  An update of events confirms that Blackest Night is just the raddest thing ever you guys, seriously

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