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JKP! Ep.5: MAKU FU RU RI – Jump Kick Punch!

Just after the season premiere of Lost and on the eve of a major announcement for Brandon’s favorite franchise, the gang of four gets together to have an earnest discussion-turned-debate about hit-and-miss game design philosophies… nested amongst the now-typical flailing and yelling. It’s a good’n.

Show highlights:

0:02:50  –  Tom spreads confusion and spoilers over Lost‘s final-season premiere and Brandon wants you to watch this and this.

0:28:28  –  Josh waggles his fist at Kotaku’s No More Heroes 2 review, but not for the reasons you’d think

0:36:30  –  Zack makes up an A+ game! Right off the top of his head! Oh my god you guys!

0:40:07  –  We all lament the hit-and-miss game design philosophies of Suda51 and Tim Schafer

0:56:38  –  Brandon segues into a debate over the lofty ambitions of the impending PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain

1:00:08  –  Intermission!

1:00:30  –  No time is wasted in resuming our verbal back-and-forth over Heavy Rain and its predecessor, Indigo Prophecy

1:20:10  –  Stop what you’re doing and watch this video of Wirehead at 1up.com so you know that we’re not lunatics

1:25:38  –  Zack schools us on the details of Marvel’s Ultimate X

1:39:08  –  Oops, suddenly Josh and Zack are disagreeing on Joe Mad again! Those wacky guys.

2:00:05  –  Brandon offends Tom with his segue into predictions for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 mere hours before its official unveiling

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.5: MAKU FU RU RI

  1. Hey, leave Jeph Loeb alone! His son died of cancer, and that’s very sad.
    It means God’s cancer gun pulls slightly off center. All those tithes and He cannot get that fixed. So sad.


  2. Fuck Joe Mad. He is a terrible comic artist.
    He is talented, no doubt. However, the comics business is about putting books out regularly and he cannot put out books in a timely fashion. Should he be doing character designs for video games, hell yes. Should he do concept art for movies, fuck yeah. Hell, he could even do cover art for comics, especially since so many covers have very little to do with the interior work these days.
    Terrible comic artist. He needs to get the fuck out of the industry to make room for someone who can keep a fucking deadline.


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