In an official retcon of JKP’s podcasting universe, we ignore last week’s effort and attempt to start fresh with a shiny, new “first episode” feel– including our brand new theme song! Technical issues still rear their ugly heads, but we’re so excited to argue about geeky shit that not even sporadic, echoing robot voices can stop us. Enjoy. Oh god, please enjoy.

Show highlights:

0:04:00  –  Josh dismisses Nintendo

0:15:00  –  Tom sparks a discussion on Mass Effect 1 and 2

0:25:00  –  Zack explains the crazy-ass anime he watched

0:39:00  –  Brandon sings the praises of Ratchet & Clank: a Crack in Time

0:50:00  –  We all recoil in horror at “the world’s first sex robot”

1:02:00  –  Ghostbusters 3 news makes us giddy as school girls

1:08:00  –  A difference in opinions over Spider-Man 4’s death

1:21:00  –  We grimace at the news of a planned Avatar trilogy

1:34:00  –  Brandon explains NBC’s current Late Night “kerfuffle”

1:47:00  –  Cautious optimism over DC’s “Brightest Day” announcement

2:02:00  –  Zack dishes on Marvel’s latest (and insane) publicity stunt

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.2: We Like Soccer

  1. Oh god I need to learn how to talk… more… better…


  2. Hi Zack! Hi everyone else! Heidi sent me here to listen about Seikon no Qwaser.

    Have you ever played any of the Zone of the Enders games (I swear I’m going somewhere with this!), where all of the otherwise-cool-looking giant robots have enormous cock-pits sticking directly out of their crotches? It’s as if they had a solid framework for a robot design and then some fucking eight-year-old kid came along and ruined it by adding a giant boner. I think Seikon no Qwaser is much the same way. Some interesting premises, a couple of fun characters, all shat upon by the whole BREAST MILK thing. It’s pretty much the only aspect people are going to remember about it now.


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